Friday, September 24, 2004

Wrapped up in you





Wrapped up in you

I am so wrapped up in you that
I will forever feel your heat.
You love me without boundaries
and without expectations.
You accept me as I am,
even though at times
its maddening.

I am blind when it comes to others,
I do not see the way they look at me.
My eyes are only to look upon your face,
the face that looks back at me,
with absolute love,
pure and fulfilling.

My lips will remember no other,
for they are scorched with the
passion that erupts from us.
Forever to be feasted on
by one another.

My hand no longer fits
into the hand of any other,
My fingers wrap with perfection
into the curve of your hand.

The song of my heart can only
be heard by yours,
beating in constant rhythm
with the music of our love


"Cathederal" by Auguste Rodin  (stock photo)    Poetry original Copyright KMH 2003





ikoiko33 said...


Great poem ... very fitting photo too!!


riverdaughter196 said...

I love that.  

judithheartsong said...

Wow, your about me section caught my breath. I will be 41 in November and feel like I am just on the cusp of starting to understand. You have a beautiful journal here and I will definitely be back........ oh, I wish I'd come sooner! So glad to meet you, judi

ebonygrl3 said...

That is such a beautiful poem and a beautiful graphic. God Bless

worknjane said...

This is a beautiful piece and well written.

cathy0o0 said...

That's a lovely poem... Very well written :)

sdoscher458 said...

I love this describes a well traveled relationship so well, I've often told my husband that we are like two spoons that fit in place with each other...that another wouldn't feel right....Sandi

crzyazzbum said...

wha a good poem did u write it yourself.......... <-----thats my journal

disq54 said...

Great poem and pic lil!