Thursday, September 30, 2004

Married to the "great outdoors' man"

Being married to the 'great outdoors man' isn't always what it's cracked up to be, now grant it I know I will never starve, he will always be able to put food on his table, my "Lil Bwana" is a skilled hunter and fisherman.  But some of the rituals I will never understand!  I buy laundry soap and fabric softener strictly for its cleaning ability and scent, but my "Lil Bwana" goes out and buys laundry detergent and fabric sheets that actually smell like 'dirt!'
It has something to do with deer's being able to scent humans, but if you smell like 'dirt' your ok huh? Yeah, I think its probably natural for a deer, to see something that looks like a tree, walking through the woods but smells like a big clump of dirt!

Another thing, this man thought it was ok to put 'bait' in the fridge, yes! The same fridge that I keep this family's food in! I had to put an end to that a few years ago, when one of my darling children accidentally knocked over a cup of nightcrawlers in my fridge and when I opened up that said fridge, there was a free for all......all over the groceries I had just bought! Image the trauma I went through, I have not been able to look at a worm since! It's something like post traumatic stress syndrome...I get flash backs to nightcrawlers entwined in the head of lettuce that I was to use to make BLT's out of that night.......I'll need therapy to really let that image go, it has totally ruined fishing for me forever, gone is the time I used to bait my hooks! I mean I pay Orkin good money to keep bugs OUTSIDE of my home and my darling husband not only pays for them but brings them into the house and puts them in my fridge! He now has a small fridge in the garage strictly for his bait and I'm a happy camper!

Another thing I don't understand is getting up before its even light outside to go fishing! Do the fish have a time schedule? Do they only eat pre-dawn or post-sunset? If I want him to do something with the family on the weekends, early mind you, I get "but Hun, that's the only time I get to sleep in late!" but let the phone ring and it be one of his brother-in-laws man he's wide awake and ready to go fishing! lol

I for one could never sit still and be quiet long enough to see a deer and I don't think I could ever shoot an animal unless it was looking at me as it's entree or dessert. And I don't think "cammo" is my color it kinda washes me out. But I love my "lil Bwana" and what makes him happy makes me happy and I know there are worse things he could be doing! lol


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ikoiko33 said...

Simple solution to the fridge dilemma - I have an extra one in my garage. Don't have my own outdoorsman, but, well, I'm an "outdoorsWOMAN" and I don't think men like it when I have more camo and dirt smelling clothes than they do!!


blueyesofawolf said...

My husband loves to hunt and fish also.  Believe me, you're not the only one that has had rotten liver, night crawlers & bugs in fridge.    We now have a small fridge in our shed for those creepy crawlers. lol

plieck30 said...

Yep hunting is big business here in southtexas. We have some retired pilots who pay big money to buy quail to release and then shoot them. I use to love to go hunting with my deceased husband. He didn't like it when my stomach would growl though. I have had to get use to cow medicine in my fridge. Paula