Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Music...Movin' and a Groovin'


I couldn't live my life without it, I clean house to it, I drive around town with it, I spent most of my younger days dancing all night to it, I travel back in time with it, I've made love with it softly playing. It is the one constant sound in my every day back ground noise. I love all kinds of music and thanks to "Black Eyed Peas" and "Outkast" I'm even enjoying a lil "rap" now and then.

Some music and/or songs mean something deeper to me, most I can trace back to why, but some just haunt me and I can't escape the intense draw to it. So I thought I would time travel and write a few things about "which" music stirred "what" in me.

Bee Gees - What can I say, they were a huge influence in my younger days.  You only have to say, "Saturday Night Fever" or "Grease" and everybody knows the sound tracks made those movies! And John Travolta's good looks didn't hurt! lol I still play the Bee Gees a lot when I want to revisit my youth and dance! lol

Led Zeppelin - "Going to California" is probably my all time favorite from them, its one with haunting lyrics and melody. I can put on any LZ CD and be immediately transported back to my Rock and Roll days. I consider them to be the ultimate CLASSIC ROCK band.

Queen - My very first concert! I was 16 and had no fear! It was a freezing cold night, there were 5 people crammed into a 2 seater Fiat, without any heat, and when it failed to return to pick us up, we were left out front of the Ampitheater in Chicago freezing our butts off. We were the only ones still out front when the band left the security of the Ampitheater and they stopped their Limo to roll down their window to wav at us and thank us for coming to their concert! What a rush that was for 4 young Rock and Rollers!

Garth Brooks rendition of an old Bob Dylan tune called, "To make you feel my Love" from the sound track "Hope Floats" was the only song that when I heard it for the first time on the radio, I burst into tears. I "Love" that intensely and I really "felt" those words. It made me buy the movie and the CD, how's that for marketing?

Sammy Kershaw - Another country singer who put how I felt to music. The song is called "Love of my life" it has a very special meaning to both my Husband and I, we both bought it as a surprise Valentines gift for eachother, without knowing the other person bought the same thing. It brought tears to my eyes when we exchanged gifts and realized it meant the same thing to both of us, it has become our "Love Anthem"  When ever I get mad at him all I have to do is play that song and I remember "to love" again! lol Pretty handy for him huh?? lol

The cars - "Who's gonna drive you home tonight" is one of those songs that I have no idea why it struck such a cord in my life. It makes me feel lonely even when I'm not. To me, that is some powerful kinda mojo.

Cat Steven's - Who doesn't love Cat Steven's!

Van Morrison - Another man who's musical talent is well known through many generations and who is still touring today with a huge following, but won't really be appreciated until after his death I'm sorry to say, kinda like Freddie Mercury, John Denver, Karen Carpenter and Janis Joplin.

Toni Braxton - As far as I'm concerned if you want to feel sexy, you just have to pop in any one of her CD's and waaa laaaa! you instantly turn into a "Sexy lil Diva" Her music can set you up for one hellova night! lol

Guns and Roses - Another good lil Rock and Roll band that can make me travel back in time. "Sweet child of Mine" Doesn't that make you wanna start "head banging?" lol I can't do that anymore, it makes me dizzy now! lol

Fog Hat, Journey, REO Speed wagon, Kansas, Styx, Super Tramp all get honorable mentions too!  All their music is attached to some wonderful memory tucked safely away in my mind.

Well, these are but a few big influences in my life from music, I am also very fond of Rhythm and Blues but there are too many "Greats" out there to mention, but there is nothing sweeter than a Blues Guitar or the sound of a smooth Sax or the blow of a great horn! Long live BB King and Miles Davis you are sorely missed!


disq54 said...

I love all kinds of music...really though my favorite would be alot of people laugh at that, but thats ok. I like music from the 80's as well, guess I'm old school.

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sdoscher458 said...

I have s0 many songs that I absolutely love...most of are the ones you've named. God..Cat Stevens...didn't he become a monk? Oh I remember going to Central Park during the 70's for free concerts...Jim Croce & so many others...what a mind rocks...Sandi

ikoiko33 said...


abrasivist said...

The ampitheater in chicago...yikes. What memories I have of that place too. Reo Speedwagon and Van Halen when rocking was rocking are some that I saw there. Then the Rosemont Horizon opened and it was no more.

junite2 said...

Yea there's nothing like a good song to bring the memories flooding back . I like all different types of music , too . From metal to mushy slow songs .

kristiejune34 said...

Oh , you just gave me chills...... I too am very musical. I LOVE all of those picks......I also love Chesapeake Bay, Baker Street, WINGS (I love Paul McCartney)
What an awesome entry.......I might steal your idea for an entry of my own ! pe@ce !

silvergrll said...

this person is not musical.  she is just a retard with primitive musical tastes. The cars - "Who's gonna drive you home tonight" makes you feel sad when you aren't?? how insightful.  

maybe another bottle of xanex will help quench your thirst for a real life.  as of now you seem like your typical bitchin housewife.