Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let's play catch up, Shall we?

Ok, after failing miserably trying to convince Santa that I have been a good girl and should be rewarded with a brand new computer, Santa and I compromised.....I would try to be a good girl in the upcoming new year! lol!  I will be picking up my new computer before the weekend and I hope that all the good entries that I have been coming up with in my head won't fail me once I have the time and the computer to write them all down.

So much has happened since I have been computerless.....I have always been told "you should write a book about your life" a few more of those kind of moments have happened since my computer's hard drive went AWOL. Some funny stories some not so funny stories but at least no painful lessons over the last few weeks. That's the good thing about going through therapy all those years ago, I very rarely repeat any of my old mistakes...once you learn why you made them, it stops the vicious cycle of repeating many of them. Let's just say it sure sucked to ALWAYS have to learn the lessons the hard way...but that is how I always seemed to do it.

Things are good with the family, our oldest daughters wedding (July) is all falling into place nicely, Our middle daughter (the one so much like me I could slap myself for having her! lol) is learning that life does not come with as a free ride, She is employed now and making her way in her own life right now, the boyfriend suffered a "breakdown" and has been hospitalized, released and diagnosed with  Schizophrenia (told ya things have been up and down around here) He is currently back at home with his parents and my daughter is trying to keep the apartment on her own....(she too, has to learn lessons the hard way.)

The songstress(youngest daughter) of the family is going into the studio tomorrow to cut her demo and the (top) recording company that is still interested in her, is patiently waiting for the demo and our meeting. I still have very mixed feelings over this and I'm still not sure what I am going to do.

Our youngest (the boy! lol) is happy that it's ice fishing time and is looking forward to out trip up north next month to snow board and do a lil ice fishing with his Dad. I will attempt to try skiing again this year, but I am much more comfortable in the lodge, sitting in front of a roaring fire with an Irish Coffee in my hand! lol My last attempt at skiing was extremely humiliating when I couldn't even balance myself long enough on one ski to snap my other boot into the other ski....little kids can be so vicious! lol lol lol I gave up after 10 minutes of public humiliation and the laughter of my Husband who took to skiing like a duck to water! I toasted him from the floor to ceiling window in the lodge with every passing!

Well, I have to sign off again for now, but hope to have my new computer up and running before the weekend......but then again, Murphy's Law is always out there waiting isn't it! lol lol lol


Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yes, an update! lol

Ok, I have finally arrived at my wits end! I always wondered what that meant and now I know! I hate not being able to log on when ever I needed too. I didn't realize how dependent I was to being "online" it has always been my first choice whenever I needed to look something up, check something out or just simply wanna go brain dead playing pogo!

My middle daughters boyfriend has taken my computer apart trying to fix it for me, then something came up and he no longer has time to fix it and put it back together for me, the hard drive is literally sitting outside of the tower and I have been told to be very careful in handling it while packing it up to go to the real computer repair shop! And of course Murphy's law has applied itself to my life once again, he is booked and can't tell me a ball park time on when to drop it off. It's a good thing that I always anticipate Murphy's Law...that way it can never take me by surprise and hold me down for too long! lol

I am not missing journaling as much as I thought I would but then again, I tend to spend the dark of winter mostly silent, I haven't touched my camera in weeks even though I have new accessories for it.

Reading and writing email via my cell phone is getting real old too! I will never be a super text messenger...I find it tedious at best!

I wonder if AOL has felt the loss of some really good blogs yet, it feels to me like a family that has been split up after a tragedy has struck. I wonder how many of us will loose touch after adds more sadness to the situation.

I don't even know the future of my own personal blog, I'm not sure if I'll be back all......I seem to have lost my will to journal..I just hope it doesn't stay away as long as it did before I discovered AOL Journals...that writing "dry spell" lasted over 20 years! I wrote a lot before I became a Mother...after that time to myself was no longer an option. Now I have the time but not the will.......such is life huh?

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and an even better new year!