Friday, October 28, 2005

"The Waterfalls Edge"


    "The Waterfalls Edge"

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Willow Bay"



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  "White Egrets"

   kmh 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

7 questions answered....things I say the most

I'm still working on my answers on the 7 questions answered. next in the series of questions is......7 questions asked and answered, will be 7 things I say most often.....(warning I do have a potty mouth and it ain't pretty! lol)

1) "I LOVE YOU" I say it several times a day to the people that I love in my life..... family, friends and my jewelry collection! lol I was raised in a family that spoke these words often, my Husband was not raised with a lot of affection, but being married to me and my large, out spoken Irish family has worn off on him. It sounds even better when it's followed by an "I love you too!"

2) "RAT BASS TURD" (phonetically written as not to offend! lol) Everybody is a rat bass turd when I am in a silly mood! lol

3) "THAT BASS TURD!" Again everybody is a bass turd....the paper boy when he throws the paper in the bushes, the raccoons when they knock over the garbage cans, the bowling pins that refuse to fall down on bowling night.....etc.

4) "Let the dog out"

5) "Let the dog in"

6) "Get off the phone"

7) "Leave me be!" this shout out can go to just about everybody......Jim, the kids, the telemarketers, the door to door solicitors, the mosquitos, the alarm clock, the In-Laws! lol

Tomorrows question:
7 Celebrity Crushes

They call me mellow yellow


     kmh 2005

What a beautiful..... yesterday


Yesterday, what a beautiful day! I was inspired to take my camera out. It had been laying dormant by the front door, silently wishing to be put to good use, but I hadn't felt inspired to do so in weeks. The trees are alive with ever changing colors and I was afraid I was going to let it pass without a photo tribute, but at last inspiration hit.

I started off my morning with a solo trip to the pumpkin patch, I didn't realize how I missed the annual trips I used to take with the kids until I walked among the rows of pumkins. They are now all past the pumpkin patch stages in their lives, so now I will have to wait and revisit with future grandchildren.

While at the pumpkin patch I heard the call of the taffy apple and washed it all down with a hot cup of apple cider, just as I was about the leave the cover of the enclosed food court a light sprinkle broke through the sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny sky and I was graced with a late fall rainbow. What a gift that trip to the pumpkin patch revealed to me, I revisited my own childhood as I let the mixed flavors of the ripe caramel covered apple, sprinkled with nuts melt in my mouth, the aroma of the spiced apple cider reminded me of cold fall mornings from my youth, I revisited my minds eye with snapshots of my own children as they ran from pumpkin pile to pumpkin pile trying to find the perfect pumpkin to take home and carve, and then the full rainbow as the sunlight and rain hit my upturned was a nice moment to be lost in. My day only got better with a stolen lunch with my husband Jim and a very late night cheering on my favorite baseball team from the warm confines of my bed and down comforter.....The Chicago White Sox!

My life is blessed and I am thankful!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot "Pumkin Puss"

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Halloween Decorations and Greetings

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Halloween is just a week away! Display your current decorations and preparations, or show off a favorite from years past. Pumpkins, holiday cards, decorations from Halloween parties and porch displays -- it's all good.



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Want to see more Halloween Photo's then visit John Scalzi's  Blog!

MUM is the word! lol


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7 questions asked and answered (opposite sex)

Alrighty then! Now that my computer is almost functioning again I guess I will finish working on my answers on the 7 questions answered. I was just about to answer Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex: before I was so rudely interupted by my computer crashing! lol

1) Physical has nothing to do with a person being good looking or not, after all beauty is subjective. It has more to do with how my body and mind responds to that person. I'm attracted to who I am attracted to and can't change that.

2) A sexy mouth! Come on girlzzzz you know what I am talking about! lol I remember when I first met my husband in 1981....I caught myself always staring at his mouth when he talked.....I still do! lol Ok, I'm fanning myself here....give me a minute! lol

3) great hands! Now this is the one thing that Jim's first wife and I could agree on....he has beautiful hands! A lil worn by time and hard work but all in all they are beautiful!

4) A beautiful mind! I can't tell you how many times I was bored to tears sitting across a dinner table (Dates) from a man with a pretty face who couldn't stimulate my mind. There is no bigger turn off then a person who can't carry on a good conversation and who begins every sentence with an I, I, I! My mind needs to be challenged, and being 'quick witted' is a definite turn on for this woman! lol

5) Being able to do a pair of Levi jeans justice! Ok, so I'm a BUTT girl! lol

6) Ok, This one may be hard to follow so I hope I can explain it well, How the man looks at me. It has nothing to do with having pretty eyes it all has to do with "Does their heart show in their eyes?" There is that old saying "wearing your heart on your sleeve" I don't wear mine on my sleeve.....but it is visible in my eyes. OK, now I am softly humming that old song "The look of love" what a great song!

7) How they treat other people around them, from friends and family to strangers on the street. I like a little arrogance in a man, but I don't find rudeness attractive at all!

Ok, now for tomorrows
7 questions asked and answered, will be 7 things I say most often.....(warning I do have a potty mouth and it ain't pretty! lol)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

WoooHooo! I am back! lol

I finally have my computer back! Doing a happy dance here and there and everywhere! And of course, now that it is up and running, I can't find anything to write about! grrrrr! Now almost everyday back when I was computer less, I had a ton of things I wanted to share here in my blog, but alas I am coming up empty! lol

It seems I have lost a lot of things on my computer, like all my mp3's and a few programs, my filing cabinet and all my saved mail, but at least I didn't loose any of photographs........ I think that would of saddened me to no end. I even lost all my archived poetry, but since that seems to flow from me in large masses at times and a few of my very best have been shared here in my journal, I have those keep as long as I continue with my blog. I'm sure I will find I have lost more things, but won't come across those things until I go looking for them later.

Well,  I'm off to reselect all my settings and see what else I might have to reinstall. I think I have a few questions still to answer in my Seven questions asked and answer up what attracts me to the opposite sex is where I left off....I think that is where I will pick up tomorrow! Ü

Saturday, October 22, 2005

where do I begin! lol

So much to say so little time! lol.....My computer is being held hostage by my middle daughter and her boyfriend, they seem to think they can bring it back from the brink of death.......held my breath till I turned blue, then thought, I can do this! I can be without a computer for a month...right??? I have good non computer days and bad non computer days....but I do miss writing in my journal almost everyday.

The good thing is without a working computer in my home we are spending more quantity and quality time together as a family...still weighing in on the benefits of spending more time with the family.....I'll let you know the end results of all this family bonding when my computer is up and running again!lol

I went wedding dress shopping with my oldest daughter earlier this week, now that was a warm fuzzy moment if I ever had one! We had to keep in mind that she is getting married on the beach in the carribean in July.....can you say hot! hot! hot? She looked so beautiful in every dress she tried on, but we narrowed it down to 2 from... Ummm... I don't know 200!?!?!?! lol Then we both agreed which would be THEE DRESS and ordered it, (as soon as my computer is running I will post pictures of the dress!)

I got through my Son's first season of Football...only one broken bone for him and one anxiety attack for the Momma! As far as Rachel and the huge record label, we are still in negotiating a meeting stage....I can wait she is only 14 after all and even she realizes the changes that will come willing or not if she chooses to walk down this musical path.

I wanted to thank everyone who has expressed missing me here in J-Land while I'm incommudicato and most times I only have access to the internet via my Nextel, I do still read every entry on my watch list but I have no desire to text email via phone pad (tedious, if I do say so myself!) Dorn....Gabe is still in my prayers everyday, I'm so proud of that young man of yours!

well, I have to end this sooner than I want to but I am at my sisters house supposed to be participating at a neighbors birthday I'll say my goodbyes for now.....take care of yourselves and each other.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Where's Waldo? :(

Just in case you all think I have fallen off the face of the earth, no need to worry or wonder anymore.....My computer is D.O.A.....thanks to my Middle Daughter and Her Boyfriend...I still have no idea what is wrong with it, or if it can be fixed or just needs to be replaced.....moment of silence please....

I am going through total computer withdrawal and I am so bored with my daytime hours that I have had to turn to house cleaning and cooking to take up all my free non AOL time  now.....(insert swear words here) But I guess that was just a sign that the In-Laws are planning on returning for yet another visit...another moment of silence please.......

I hope all is well with everyone and I hope to be back on line soon....but in the mean time I guess it's time to get more intimate with Mr. Clean, Mrs. Dash and Mr. Bubbles.....cuz I am back to mad reading from the tub again! lol which all boils down to is... I am sure I have gained weight, I reek of cleaning solution and have a terrible case of wrinkled, prunish finger tips.

Until next time.....when ever that might be! lol Why oh why didn't I marry a computer repair man??? lmaooooo....just kidding Jim!!!!!! Ü.... hint! hint! A new computer would be a great Sweetest Day present...dontcha think? Thank you Mr. Hallmark! ;)

Sunday, October 2, 2005

7 questions answered (3rd in series)

My 3rd installment of 7 questions asked and answered.....hmmmmm I see a theme developing here on this one.....most of it has to do with not being as young as I used to be! lmaooooooooo

7 things I can't do:

1) I can no longer hula  hoop......I have lost my groove thing....a moment of silence please.  I used to be able to hula hoop for very long periods of while my hula  goes one hoop goes another......the ground!  :(

2) I can no longer bait my own hook...I used t o never have  a problem with this, but DH made the mistake of putting bait in the fridge for an up coming day of fishing with his son (think night crawlers!) I spend my morning to the  'Big" grocery shopping came home put all my groceries away...ran other errands and attacked a few dust bunnies. I decided to make BLT's for lunch.  Well, a child who shall remain nameless only because no one admitted to it had accidentally spilled something in the fridge, it leaked to the paper bag that held the night crawlers in a Styrofoam container with a very loose lid, the  weight of the liquid on the top of the container, knocked it over, releasing the night by the time I opened the fridge to make BLT's I had about 40 night crawlers everywhere  I looked......including the head of lettuce I just bought......needless to say I can't even look at a worm now without cringing........ughhh!

3) I can't water ski or snow ski......I learned those facts the hard way. Have I ever admitted to being a stubborn Irishwoman?? Most would call it determination......for most it would be determination,  but  I know h ad nothing to do with was pure unadulterated Irish Pride! (lol) I was so determined to not drop that tow rope  that I drank a lot of lake water, lost my bikini bottoms and became so twisted up in the tow rope, that I had severe rope burn in a very unmentionable area. It was so bad that pants and underwear were articles of clothing that I couldn't even look at without shuddering. (Think BIG blisters)......nuff said. Snow skiing.......fugetaboutit!  I couldn't even balance long enough on one ski, to snap my other boot into the second ski.....after 20 minutes of trying, falling over, having small children laugh at me....I headed to the bar.......I sat watching all my friends flying down the hills, while sitting in the lounge by a roaring fire, in front of floor to ceiling windows......soothing my bruised (body and ego), soaked and cold body with hot chocolate laced with peppermint schnapps.

4) I can't do a cartwheel anymore......the thought of a full body cast stops me dead in my track...just thinking about tempting to do one.

5) I can no longer ice skate or roller ankles took a beating when I was younger (OK, I think it might of had something to do with repeatedly jumping off of a bridge, because my friends told me to....true story...I POOR mother right? ) so now I just fall down and go why bother.

6) I can no longer sit on the floor for long periods of time ...... something to do with sciatica and childbirth! lol

7) I can no longer sleep on my stomach.......something to do with smashing the "girls", sciatica and childbirth again! lol lol lol

Tomorrows question will be:

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex: (Ohhhh Myyyyyy) lol!

Saturday, October 1, 2005

By The Dawns Early Light



7 questions answered (2 in series)

OK, here's my second installment of the 7 question asked and answered.

Seven things I can do:

1) This girl can cook! I don't always want to and many times I just don't.   I can cook just about any style and I only need to see a recipe once, from then on it's tweaked in my own preference of taste and flavor. (I have spent the last 18 or so months on kitchen strike) I hated the habitrail feel of the wheel I was one.....cook, clean, children...blah blah my only trip to the kitchen was to let the dog out the back door, I admit to letting the dust bunnies multiply slowly and my kids are in the stages of life that they have begun to realize they are not an extension of me and their father...they are searching for their own style, thoughts and opinions and I am sometime beaming and sometimes gasping for air as I let them experience their own 'self.'

2) I can be who I am and be comfortable with just being me. I don't have to impress anybody, I worry less about how people think about me and  spend more time on what I think about myself. I know myself well and I'm satisfied with the progress I am making in becoming a better human being. I have spent the last 19 or so years taking care of the needs of my family, so I am being somewhat selfish these days and taking care of my needs....That is one reason I started blogging, it filled the gap I created along time ago when my life was to hectic to think, let alone write like I did before BC  (before children)

3) I can twitch my nose like Samantha Steven's of the 'Bewitched' fame! It took only my whole childhood to perfect this....I was grounded a lot because of being....what else.....A demanding lil chit so I had plenty of time to perfect my craft! lol

4) I can multi task at the speed of light for very long periods of time, (I have changed the minds of a few head Doctors on ones abilty to be manic for months at a time) it is the best part of being manic.......but when I crash and burn,  I BURN! lol I remember when I started therapy (medication and talk therapy) It was the first time I ever heard of the word 'MANIC' They (Doctors) kept telling me this kind of behavior was wrong, I bought into it for awhile......but when they tried to break me of my cycles of mania...I raged against the machine.....therapy did teach me that I had exhibited this kind of behavior all life, but it was such a part of my DNA that stripping it away from me by use of medications threw me into an identity crisis. Since then I  have learned to embrace my manic's who I am, it is how I function. This also meant that I had to embrace the depressed side of this duo. But I learned how to do that in a much healthier manner.

5) I can admit when I am wrong and apologize......even to my children. I figure I am their role model for most of their informative years and if I can teach them things by example, how better for them to admit when they are wrong and apologize for it, then by them watching me do it. You would be surprised how many people can't say these simple words....."I am sorry....I was wrong."

6) I can express myself very well in spoken and written form. There are a lot of people who can't do this and for the people that can we seem 'strange' to those who can't.( I noticed this mostly in people who haven't done the self discovery as of yet, to those of us that have and know ourselves well, come off as strange) That is what I love best about this journaling many times we "get" what the other bloggers are writing about. That doesn't happen much outside of this community unless you find a kindred spirit outside of this place that "gets" you without you having to explain everything you say....<wink> Maw

7) I  make friends fast......I love to engage other people in conversations that they wouldn't have in everyday conversations with new people that they meet. I don't like to see anyone uncomfortable in a new social situation and silence at a gathering people makes me swing into action. This is the part where I probably talk to much, laugh to loud...but  if it makes the others feel more connected to the social situation, then I shall babble on. lol I believe that everybody can find a least one connection to everybody else.

Tomorrow's 7 questions answered will be.......

Seven things I cannot do:

(I can only list seven huh? lol!)