Friday, March 31, 2006

6 Degrees of Seperation....Ain't always a good thing!

six degrees of separation

Six degrees of separation is the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. The theory was first proposed in 1929 by the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy in a short story called "Chains."

Drugs planted in suburban feud   <~~~ Link

Unfortunatly this theory also includes people that sometimes you wish you never knew on a first name basis. The 'Woman' (who is now in jail) that they are referring to I knew on a professional level. I am just shocked to what depth some people will go to, to ruin the lives of someone else. I feel sorry for her victim, and the children involved. What they hell was she thinking?

Monday, March 27, 2006


So with our oldest daughters wedding coming up in July and the fact that it's going to be on the beach in Jamaica, I thought it was about time to start working on my "curves" So I joined a gym a few weeks ago. Even though I started noticing a few years ago that my curves weren't curving the way they used to....I just silently slid into denial! lol I liked denial.........but it would be extremely difficult to be in denial on the beach in I take my aching body to the gym 3 mornings a week and I will be incorporating a walking schedule on the days that I don't go to the gym.

I think I may have made my first enemy at the gym I going to loose sleep over it........nope! I have yet to come up with a nick name for her, but trust me one will come, I associate everyone with some sort of a nick name to remember them....there's "no show Joe" a guy my husband works with who hardly ever shows up to work, there's "Pat the Boar Kisser" another story from one of the "Boys hunting trips".........the list is endless, but back to my other story for the day....."The know it all Lady" (Too long I know but that is just to give you an idea why I can't seem to warm up to her,...I know! Me the person that gets along well with everybody...well almost everybody.....the DH's first wife isn't to fond of me either for some reason.............OOPS MY BAD! lol lol lol

So for the last few weeks I have been getting to know a few of the other regulars including this woman and at first I didn't think there was going to be a problem, but after watching her make other women feel dumb about subjects that they are discussing.....I thought oh am I gonna have some fun with her! I don't like people like that. I try to make everyone feel comfortable around each other and she seems to think her chit don't.....well you know where I'm going with that! ;)

So the chat around the fitness equipment was about Middle School and High School kids and how forward in an aggressive sexual way they are compared to when we were that age........ Now every generation has there loose girls and horny boys, but after raising 3 daughters and 1 son who is the baby in the family the girls that hound him have no limits! Friday nights are the worst....if there is a sleep over somewhere with a bunch of girls somewhere my phone rings non stop! 

"Is Jimmy there?"
"No he's not can I take a messa....."  Click!
a couple of minutes go past, phone rings again
"Is Jimmy there?"
"No he's not, he won't be home all night, can I take a message?"
"Can you tell him that I love him!?"

Now I, who was extremely boy crazy as a child would of never left a message like that with some boys Mother! Nor would I call about every 10 minutes until the point they had to take the phone off the hook! This was a good way to point out that kind of behavior to my boy crazy 9th grade daughter......I asked her if she saw how terrible that looked and how desperate that made those girls look and she totally agreed with me on that.....small blessings, this is another reason I believe everything happens for a reason!

Things like this goes on almost every other weekend....thanks to lil girls with cell phones at sleep overs. So We are talking about this at the gym and she informs me that it's not like that in high school....excuse me? you have one child in high school, the other in middle school and I have put 2 through high school, have my last daughter in 9th grade and 1 son in 8th grade and your gonna tell me it's not like that??? Oh dear woman, I am still slightly hung over from the weekend still, I'm at the gym and I don't want to be there and I'm pmsing on top of that.....and your gonna tell me the girls are like that??

So without missing a step on the dreaded stair master I politely ask (ok with just enough of sarcasm in my voice to get my point across) Do you have Sons at home? Which she replies "no" I have two daughters so then I ever so politely remind her then she has no idea what I'm talking about then........ she doesn't have a son that gets notes passed to him everyday at school with so and so likes you call her, or those kind of phone calls at home. And grant it maybe her daughters don't behave that way, but trust me someone's daughters do and they call and they write notes and they giggle around my son..........a lot!

Well that shut up "Oh what's her name who thinks she knows everything?" (I know the nick name has to be shortened!) She finished her work out in complete silence which I have never seen her do in the last few weeks that I've been there......OK,my community service is over for the week.

I don't think she's gonna be commenting on my conversations with other people at the gym I gonna lose sleep over that?
................Ummmmmmmmm NO!

PMS isa dangerous thing......I think some chocolate will soothe that savage where are my dark chocolate covered almonds??? Hey it's the healthiest way to eat chocolate!  lol lol lol

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Did I do that?? lol

How come the older I get the more 'painful' having a good time gets?? I'm pretty sure the tequila had something to do with it, and I'm sure more things will come to me today about last night too!! lol


There is a new place out near where I live that a few of my friends have been trying to get me to go to.........Jim and I and 2 other couples went there for dinner last night and I love this place! It is an old warehouse that was converted into several different levels of bars and seating areas where one solid wall is floor to ceiling 8 foot by 8 foot televisions! There had to be 30 of these babies on that one wall alone! Talk about a sportsman's lil bit of heaven...every sport conceivable was on a TV somewhere in there, they even had OTB (off track betting) I had so much fun there, I didn't want to leave. I think I could of gotten away with it too, there are so many places to hide!! lol The Martini and Cigar Bar in the upstairs loft was beautiful with it's 1940's theme. Big cushy leather couches and chairs, u-shaped booths....very glam! I didn't do so well playing the ponies though and I'm thinking that cigar might be another reason I'm feeling a lil green around the gills this morning too! lol


The next part of the evening was spent at another new haunt in the area where we hooked up with 5 more couples for drinks, conversation and a few games of darts. We decided after singing a rather loud, rather off key rendition out loud along with the juke box to 4 non blondes song called "What's going on" that we decided we wanted to go out dancing and karaok(ing) after that. That's the best part about being 40 could care less about how you look to other people, we were having a blast and that is all that mattered.


So it was on to another bar, one where we knew they had karaoke every Friday night and we could easily make a dancing area somewhere in there. So we sang, we danced, we made some new friends and I seem to be soooooo paying for it this morning from my tequila challenged brain, to my sore dart arm, to my aching feet brought on by my latest pair of killer boots and my over strained vocal cords that are suffering from that cigar too I am sure.


I hope my arm recovers fast cuz it's Sunday and Sunday is bowling night ( I'm sucha Graboswki I love to bowl) but I'm gonna have to just say "NO!" to that Patrone! (tequila) tonight. We are cooking out at the lake later today with some of our friends again.....I will be laughing at all the blood shot eyes hidden behind those sun glasses ....but I'll be laughing very quietly .......Oh Vey!!!!!!


I remember my 20's.........I could do this night after night and want to! Now I'm just happy to do a couple times a month! lol lol lol

Friday, March 24, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How do you spell relief????

We decided last night to go out for dinner (I've been cooking more than usual so it was a nice change) so going out for dinner was a good idea. We decided to bring along our two youngest children ( 14 year old girl, 13 year old boy, the last two still living at home) bad idea! I was quickly reminded why we stopped taking our children out in public with us! lol

When they were all younger (all four of them), people used to go out of their way to come to our table and comment on how well behaved our children were. I would smile politely and say thank you and secretly say to myself, "You bet they are! They were warned over and over all the way to the restaurant...act up and it's a trip to the bathroom and it's not to see if we something stuck in our teeth or something!!!" lol

I was raised in strict military act up in public was a death wish....I wanted to live, I had big plans....I wanted to see them come to fruition! Now I was smacked a lot with deadly precision from the front seat by my Father while either in route to or home from somewhere and he didn't even have to see which kid it was or where exactly we were sitting in the back seat....his aim was dead on!

My kids were raised to be "perfect" children while in public and they are, they are good while in public, they are good in school at home they are lil chits! But if I had my choice and they were to act up, I'd rather they do it at home anyway.

Little did I know that my children are quite good at looking perfectly composed while getting their point across. Very much like I do when I need to smile and threaten at the same time, a technique learned from my parents and passed down from generation to generation. Otherwise known as "The Look." It could stop me dead in my tracks when I was a child or silence me instantly or I'd pay for it later! lol

Ok, so why was taking the children out to dinner with us a bad idea? Well, indigestion is a good word for it.....that and having to explain over and over to my 14 year old daughter why we can't just put her  annoying, 13 year old younger brother "To sleep" like a rabid dog!

Yeah, life is good.............anybody got a Rolaids??

Monday, March 20, 2006

"A Quiet Moment" Photograph

kmh 2006


I spent the afternoon getting to know the new Mare named "Frosty" She really beautiful with her light brown body, black at the knees, mane and tail with just a touch of white on her face.....she has incredible blue eyes (as seen up close in the photo)

Since we are both new to each other I waited until she trusted me enough to approach her and put the halter on her, I rewarded her with carrots from my pocket and after awhile she let me lead her around the pasture and I was able to give her a good grooming.

I think she's going to be a good ride once she gets used to the ranch and the ranch gets used to her. Hopefully I'll spend more time at the Ranch this summer and we can become great friends.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Bon Fire"

kmh 2006


Even though we had blue skies and warm sun yesterday it was still a bit chilly so we officially opened up the lake season with a huge bon fire. Many summer nights are spent with friends and family around the bon fires. I don't think I have ever wanted summer to come any sooner then right now. I think we all have a mild case of cabin fever, but it wasn't until yesterday that we actually tried talking ourselves into believing winter was finally over even though we had a fresh snow fall just this past week.


The morning was spent at the archery range so my son could get the hang of his new bow and my youngest daughter could take over the reins of his old bow. Although she will never hunt like her Father, brother, Uncles and cousins she has decided to at least take up archery. After all this is the child that handled a shotgun for the first time last summer and hit her very first clay pigeon while trap shooting! All I managed to hit was a lot of sky! lol and since I woke up rather bruised the next day that was the end of my trap shooting days!


Today I am going to take a ride out to the family ranch, it's been a long time since I was out there and I might even try to get some horseback riding in today. ( I am so going to regret that tomorrow when I wake up saddle sore! I haven't ridden since last summer) I'll be bringing my camera out with me of course, I wouldn't wasn't to miss a photo op! I'm still missing my two favorite burrows "Thelma and Louise" but the powers that be out at the ranch decided it was time to sell them. They  never really working burrows anyway, the reason we got them in the first place was that we were having trouble with the coyotes and their are fierce protectors of the horses (except someone forgot to inform them of that! lol) So they were mostly babied and hugged a lot. Both retired to a ranch down south (together) and both ended up becoming mothers for the first time last year......... I still miss their presence at the ranch (and their cute lil 'Mugs" too!


kmh 2004




Well, it's time to get the day started......until next time

Friday, March 17, 2006

"Color Me Beautiful"


I am a woman in full bloom
my color is all shades of red
inhale the scent of me
and color me beautiful!

kmh 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Round Robin Challenge

I joined a very talented group of photographers over at the Round Robin. Every couple of weeks a fellow photographer picks a theme and asks other members to give their interpretation through a photograph what that theme means to them.  It's a great way for other blogger's who love their cameras as much as they love their written word to showcase their world through the lens of the camera.

This was my time to choose a theme and I chose "Signs" as the theme. I wanted to chose a photograph of a sign, that best describes me without using any of my own words.



If you think you might be interested in joining this group please click on this link ~~~> The Round Robin Photo Challenges and it will take you to the other blogger's who participate in the round robin challenge. You will find a link to better describe the purpose of this RRC and you will find the links to the other photographers blogs.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Waters Edge


It is the waters edge
that calls to me by my name
it knows of my hopes
my dreams

It is where my mind is quiet
enough to hear my own thoughts
it is where not only the sunlight
but I too can reflect

I find my solace there
and my spirit is free
to dance upon the current
to the sounds of the water

It is where I remember
to listen to my heart
and where I can rediscover
all that is dear to me.

kmh 2006

Tuesday, March 7, 2006