Monday, March 13, 2006

The Waters Edge


It is the waters edge
that calls to me by my name
it knows of my hopes
my dreams

It is where my mind is quiet
enough to hear my own thoughts
it is where not only the sunlight
but I too can reflect

I find my solace there
and my spirit is free
to dance upon the current
to the sounds of the water

It is where I remember
to listen to my heart
and where I can rediscover
all that is dear to me.

kmh 2006


gdireneoe said...

Wow.  Just lovely. ;)  C.

hadonfield78 said...

Very Very Beautiful..............

mawmellow said... usual !

chat2missie said...


mariebm56 said...

Lovely entry~

csandhollow said...

That is good. A good reminder to stop and listen to ourself. Thank you for sharing.

siennastarr said...


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dornbrau said...

Ah, that could be one of those inspirational posters.  I love the melancholy tone of your poem.

nhd106 said...

Love, love, love that....