Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Willow Bay"



       kmh 2005


libragem007 said...

I love it! Mesmerizing!
Gem :-)

hpmiou said...


madcobug said...

Both the picture are great. Helen

lazarai said...

OMG, I wanna GOOOO there!!

:) Carol

alphamoon65 said...


mzgoochi said...

OH WOW!! I do believe this is my favorite photo yet. I'd love to be sitting on that bank fishing.

Stupid alerts, I have missed out on a lot of stuff here.

Lahoma :)

sdoscher458 said...

Oh this is so beautiful...if you don't mind this is a poem I wrote and I think it decribes this perfectly:

If I were poetry I would flow so smoothly, almost
like a raging river winding steadily through the
canyon, sending heavy rippling waves against the walls.
Finally, at journey's end tumbling, roaring into a sparkling,
bubbling giant waterfall.

Just but wait..the journey's not yet finished..there's
more to do.
The waterfall has formed a tranquil lake of submerged
beauty bringing forth nature's charms without adieu.
If I were poetry I would tell you please draw up a seat
of moss against my bank, rest your weary head upon
my green softness as the gentle waves of my poetry
lulls you to sleep forgetting anything rank.

Let the magic of nature regale you with it's unsurpassed
Listen to nature, you can almost hear the fairies flitting
from flower to flower......wonder abounds.
As evening draws near, moonrise is steady and it's
blessings I hold dear.
Listen closely you can almost hear
If I were poetry....It would be very clear.


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Trick or treat. : )