Saturday, October 1, 2005

7 questions answered (2 in series)

OK, here's my second installment of the 7 question asked and answered.

Seven things I can do:

1) This girl can cook! I don't always want to and many times I just don't.   I can cook just about any style and I only need to see a recipe once, from then on it's tweaked in my own preference of taste and flavor. (I have spent the last 18 or so months on kitchen strike) I hated the habitrail feel of the wheel I was one.....cook, clean, children...blah blah my only trip to the kitchen was to let the dog out the back door, I admit to letting the dust bunnies multiply slowly and my kids are in the stages of life that they have begun to realize they are not an extension of me and their father...they are searching for their own style, thoughts and opinions and I am sometime beaming and sometimes gasping for air as I let them experience their own 'self.'

2) I can be who I am and be comfortable with just being me. I don't have to impress anybody, I worry less about how people think about me and  spend more time on what I think about myself. I know myself well and I'm satisfied with the progress I am making in becoming a better human being. I have spent the last 19 or so years taking care of the needs of my family, so I am being somewhat selfish these days and taking care of my needs....That is one reason I started blogging, it filled the gap I created along time ago when my life was to hectic to think, let alone write like I did before BC  (before children)

3) I can twitch my nose like Samantha Steven's of the 'Bewitched' fame! It took only my whole childhood to perfect this....I was grounded a lot because of being....what else.....A demanding lil chit so I had plenty of time to perfect my craft! lol

4) I can multi task at the speed of light for very long periods of time, (I have changed the minds of a few head Doctors on ones abilty to be manic for months at a time) it is the best part of being manic.......but when I crash and burn,  I BURN! lol I remember when I started therapy (medication and talk therapy) It was the first time I ever heard of the word 'MANIC' They (Doctors) kept telling me this kind of behavior was wrong, I bought into it for awhile......but when they tried to break me of my cycles of mania...I raged against the machine.....therapy did teach me that I had exhibited this kind of behavior all life, but it was such a part of my DNA that stripping it away from me by use of medications threw me into an identity crisis. Since then I  have learned to embrace my manic's who I am, it is how I function. This also meant that I had to embrace the depressed side of this duo. But I learned how to do that in a much healthier manner.

5) I can admit when I am wrong and apologize......even to my children. I figure I am their role model for most of their informative years and if I can teach them things by example, how better for them to admit when they are wrong and apologize for it, then by them watching me do it. You would be surprised how many people can't say these simple words....."I am sorry....I was wrong."

6) I can express myself very well in spoken and written form. There are a lot of people who can't do this and for the people that can we seem 'strange' to those who can't.( I noticed this mostly in people who haven't done the self discovery as of yet, to those of us that have and know ourselves well, come off as strange) That is what I love best about this journaling many times we "get" what the other bloggers are writing about. That doesn't happen much outside of this community unless you find a kindred spirit outside of this place that "gets" you without you having to explain everything you say....<wink> Maw

7) I  make friends fast......I love to engage other people in conversations that they wouldn't have in everyday conversations with new people that they meet. I don't like to see anyone uncomfortable in a new social situation and silence at a gathering people makes me swing into action. This is the part where I probably talk to much, laugh to loud...but  if it makes the others feel more connected to the social situation, then I shall babble on. lol I believe that everybody can find a least one connection to everybody else.

Tomorrow's 7 questions answered will be.......

Seven things I cannot do:

(I can only list seven huh? lol!)


gdireneoe said...

You get to be the demandnlilchit...I have been dubbed the "bossy dossy"...courtesy of my nephew years ago.  We are similar you and I...;)  C.

mawmellow said...

ummm soul sistah....i saw that :-D
talk about making maw's day !!! lol   do i sound a little like "Clint" ?

psychfun said...

Ah to not care what others think of you the balancing act of life but why say you are being "selfish". I think that says that we should feel guilty in some ways & I don't think that is right. When kids don't even ask about mom or the hubby doesn't they feel fine with that...they don't even think that is selfish. I think it is a balance to care about others but then just say care about myself just as much.

brandyp0509 said...

Glad to see you finally doing this, lmao. I only tagged you like 7 years ago now, lmao, j/k but I did tag you so I'm glad to see you are finally doin' it.  Brandy

sunnyside46 said...


jmorancoyle said...

    As you said about people who can express themselves stand apart from people who can't, and neither understand the other. The same with someone who can't admit a mistake. It just makes sense to me to fess up and move on. I know people who will never admit to being wrong, and will hold others responsible for making mistakes for as long as they can. Like living without making mistakes is more likely than those who make them.

lauff4me said...

I knew you could do more things. I can cook too, just make sure you bring your rolaids. I can be me. Who am I again? Yeah, I can twitch my nose too but, then my ears move too. I can't do multitask thing. I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Yeah, I can say I'm wrong when someone else is wrong. That's true you can express yourself very well. I think I can express myself well. I make friends fast too, when ever I get out.  Well, we have a lot in common.  Nice meeting you.

                                                 Your Fellow Journalist,


tillysweetchops said...

I'd love to meet you at a party that's for sure.

A great entry full of insight and the kind of assurance that comes only with knowing oneself inside out. Hopefully, I too will get there one day!

Tilly x