Tuesday, October 25, 2005

7 questions asked and answered (opposite sex)

Alrighty then! Now that my computer is almost functioning again I guess I will finish working on my answers on the 7 questions answered. I was just about to answer Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex: before I was so rudely interupted by my computer crashing! lol

1) Physical attraction.....it has nothing to do with a person being good looking or not, after all beauty is subjective. It has more to do with how my body and mind responds to that person. I'm attracted to who I am attracted to and can't change that.

2) A sexy mouth! Come on girlzzzz you know what I am talking about! lol I remember when I first met my husband in 1981....I caught myself always staring at his mouth when he talked.....I still do! lol Ok, I'm fanning myself here....give me a minute! lol

3) great hands! Now this is the one thing that Jim's first wife and I could agree on....he has beautiful hands! A lil worn by time and hard work but all in all they are beautiful!

4) A beautiful mind! I can't tell you how many times I was bored to tears sitting across a dinner table (Dates) from a man with a pretty face who couldn't stimulate my mind. There is no bigger turn off then a person who can't carry on a good conversation and who begins every sentence with an I, I, I! My mind needs to be challenged, and being 'quick witted' is a definite turn on for this woman! lol

5) Being able to do a pair of Levi jeans justice! Ok, so I'm a BUTT girl! lol

6) Ok, This one may be hard to follow so I hope I can explain it well, How the man looks at me. It has nothing to do with having pretty eyes it all has to do with "Does their heart show in their eyes?" There is that old saying "wearing your heart on your sleeve" I don't wear mine on my sleeve.....but it is visible in my eyes. OK, now I am softly humming that old song "The look of love" what a great song!

7) How they treat other people around them, from friends and family to strangers on the street. I like a little arrogance in a man, but I don't find rudeness attractive at all!

Ok, now for tomorrows
7 questions asked and answered, will be 7 things I say most often.....(warning I do have a potty mouth and it ain't pretty! lol)


tillysweetchops said...

Your Jim sounds a Gem. Jim Gem. I'll tell you what, when you get tired of him, kick him over to this side of the pond. Mouth, hands and butt,  Jim's got the Lutt!!

Tilly x

dornbrau said...

Ah, a very good list indeed!

sdoscher458 said...

Sounds good to me.  I know the eyes...A come hither look...ummmm...nice butt helps too....a man that knows his own mind...hmmmm...I'll stop now...Sandi

psychfun said...

I love this! I'll have to do it on my journal...that heart in their eyes idea is my "smile with their eyes" I think...like their spirit comes through! I agree with the jeans idea! ;-)

mzgoochi said...