Saturday, October 22, 2005

where do I begin! lol

So much to say so little time! lol.....My computer is being held hostage by my middle daughter and her boyfriend, they seem to think they can bring it back from the brink of death.......held my breath till I turned blue, then thought, I can do this! I can be without a computer for a month...right??? I have good non computer days and bad non computer days....but I do miss writing in my journal almost everyday.

The good thing is without a working computer in my home we are spending more quantity and quality time together as a family...still weighing in on the benefits of spending more time with the family.....I'll let you know the end results of all this family bonding when my computer is up and running again!lol

I went wedding dress shopping with my oldest daughter earlier this week, now that was a warm fuzzy moment if I ever had one! We had to keep in mind that she is getting married on the beach in the carribean in July.....can you say hot! hot! hot? She looked so beautiful in every dress she tried on, but we narrowed it down to 2 from... Ummm... I don't know 200!?!?!?! lol Then we both agreed which would be THEE DRESS and ordered it, (as soon as my computer is running I will post pictures of the dress!)

I got through my Son's first season of Football...only one broken bone for him and one anxiety attack for the Momma! As far as Rachel and the huge record label, we are still in negotiating a meeting stage....I can wait she is only 14 after all and even she realizes the changes that will come willing or not if she chooses to walk down this musical path.

I wanted to thank everyone who has expressed missing me here in J-Land while I'm incommudicato and most times I only have access to the internet via my Nextel, I do still read every entry on my watch list but I have no desire to text email via phone pad (tedious, if I do say so myself!) Dorn....Gabe is still in my prayers everyday, I'm so proud of that young man of yours!

well, I have to end this sooner than I want to but I am at my sisters house supposed to be participating at a neighbors birthday I'll say my goodbyes for now.....take care of yourselves and each other.



astaryth said...

I've really been missing your entries... particularly the photo ones. You have such a great eye.... Can't wait to se the wedding dress... Take care, visit when you can, and we look forward to having you back full time soon!

imshadowraven2 said...

WOOHOO glad to see your post then i read still no pc well want  you to know how much your missed . I sure know my laughter meter has when way down since your pc went down. Well enjoy the family time (hope all survives) lol

hadonfield78 said...

   I MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Hurry Back Soon

heathyrxmarie said...

Awww! YAY! This excited me to NO end, seeing an entry from you! I've missed ya Kim!  Hurry back when you can!

madcobug said...

Hope you soon get your pc up and going. I know it was a fun thing and sad also to be wedding dress shopping with your daughter. Hope we get to see some pictures of it soon. Helen

sdoscher458 said...

I've been missing you.  Your journal is one of my it's like I'm missing the sunshine in my day...come back soon.....Sandi

plieck30 said...

Waiting patiently for you to come back. Paula

dornbrau said...

Thanks for the prayers for Gabe.  I find comfort in reading that, especially on days like today when I know its been a couple days since he was last online.  I knew the time would come when he would have to move away from the comfort and security of the base camp.  I was just hoping it would have been later... like never!  All the prayers said for him and all of the troops out there help.  And they help us back here cope.  Thank you!