Wednesday, October 26, 2005

7 questions answered....things I say the most

I'm still working on my answers on the 7 questions answered. next in the series of questions is......7 questions asked and answered, will be 7 things I say most often.....(warning I do have a potty mouth and it ain't pretty! lol)

1) "I LOVE YOU" I say it several times a day to the people that I love in my life..... family, friends and my jewelry collection! lol I was raised in a family that spoke these words often, my Husband was not raised with a lot of affection, but being married to me and my large, out spoken Irish family has worn off on him. It sounds even better when it's followed by an "I love you too!"

2) "RAT BASS TURD" (phonetically written as not to offend! lol) Everybody is a rat bass turd when I am in a silly mood! lol

3) "THAT BASS TURD!" Again everybody is a bass turd....the paper boy when he throws the paper in the bushes, the raccoons when they knock over the garbage cans, the bowling pins that refuse to fall down on bowling night.....etc.

4) "Let the dog out"

5) "Let the dog in"

6) "Get off the phone"

7) "Leave me be!" this shout out can go to just about everybody......Jim, the kids, the telemarketers, the door to door solicitors, the mosquitos, the alarm clock, the In-Laws! lol

Tomorrows question:
7 Celebrity Crushes


tillysweetchops said...

It took me a minute and then I got it. I heard you shouting Rat Bass Turd at all and sundry. I bet your computer was a prime example of one when it crashed!

Tilly x

globetrotter2u said...


libragem007 said...

I still have to do mine.....
Gem :-)

mzgoochi said...

2 and 3 ahahahahahahahaha!!! especially 2!!