Sunday, October 2, 2005

7 questions answered (3rd in series)

My 3rd installment of 7 questions asked and answered.....hmmmmm I see a theme developing here on this one.....most of it has to do with not being as young as I used to be! lmaooooooooo

7 things I can't do:

1) I can no longer hula  hoop......I have lost my groove thing....a moment of silence please.  I used to be able to hula hoop for very long periods of while my hula  goes one hoop goes another......the ground!  :(

2) I can no longer bait my own hook...I used t o never have  a problem with this, but DH made the mistake of putting bait in the fridge for an up coming day of fishing with his son (think night crawlers!) I spend my morning to the  'Big" grocery shopping came home put all my groceries away...ran other errands and attacked a few dust bunnies. I decided to make BLT's for lunch.  Well, a child who shall remain nameless only because no one admitted to it had accidentally spilled something in the fridge, it leaked to the paper bag that held the night crawlers in a Styrofoam container with a very loose lid, the  weight of the liquid on the top of the container, knocked it over, releasing the night by the time I opened the fridge to make BLT's I had about 40 night crawlers everywhere  I looked......including the head of lettuce I just bought......needless to say I can't even look at a worm now without cringing........ughhh!

3) I can't water ski or snow ski......I learned those facts the hard way. Have I ever admitted to being a stubborn Irishwoman?? Most would call it determination......for most it would be determination,  but  I know h ad nothing to do with was pure unadulterated Irish Pride! (lol) I was so determined to not drop that tow rope  that I drank a lot of lake water, lost my bikini bottoms and became so twisted up in the tow rope, that I had severe rope burn in a very unmentionable area. It was so bad that pants and underwear were articles of clothing that I couldn't even look at without shuddering. (Think BIG blisters)......nuff said. Snow skiing.......fugetaboutit!  I couldn't even balance long enough on one ski, to snap my other boot into the second ski.....after 20 minutes of trying, falling over, having small children laugh at me....I headed to the bar.......I sat watching all my friends flying down the hills, while sitting in the lounge by a roaring fire, in front of floor to ceiling windows......soothing my bruised (body and ego), soaked and cold body with hot chocolate laced with peppermint schnapps.

4) I can't do a cartwheel anymore......the thought of a full body cast stops me dead in my track...just thinking about tempting to do one.

5) I can no longer ice skate or roller ankles took a beating when I was younger (OK, I think it might of had something to do with repeatedly jumping off of a bridge, because my friends told me to....true story...I POOR mother right? ) so now I just fall down and go why bother.

6) I can no longer sit on the floor for long periods of time ...... something to do with sciatica and childbirth! lol

7) I can no longer sleep on my stomach.......something to do with smashing the "girls", sciatica and childbirth again! lol lol lol

Tomorrows question will be:

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex: (Ohhhh Myyyyyy) lol!


mawmellow said...

just when i think my morning mail is come along !! roflmaoooo
can't WAIT until tomorrow !!

sdoscher458 said...

ROFLMAO...hysterically funny and oh so sadly true..especially sleeping on one's stomach after becoming a Mommy....Sandi

astaryth said...

Oh, I'm betting tomorrow's entry will be a REALY good one <LOL>... Oh, and I love hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps... have you tried it with Irish creme? how about Kahlua??? <eg>

dazeychic said...


psychfun said...

Oh ya...can't sleep on my stomach, I supposedly have a flat back now from the foot injury, nor sit on the floor long either. Cart Wheel I probably still could do but not until this foot is stronger to land on...same thing with skating. Never water skied but snow I was about 5 yrs ago. Whacked my head & quite frankly I don't need to be hitting this head. Gotta save the few brain cells I got. Hula Hoop I can still do. The hips still move the right way but then again I haven't had kids yet soooo....I do love fishing & can bait my own hook but then I feed superworms to my Red Eared Sliders so. Great ideas you came up with!

gdireneoe said...

LMAO!  You are just TOO MUCH!  You just occurred to me...when I read about "the twins"...that my prayers for a set of twins HAS been answered!  LOL!  I can't lay on my front either! ;)  C.

ernhrtfanalwys3 said...

I'm 34 yrs old and I have never been able to hula hoop...ever.  I can roller skate and ice skate extremely well for brief moments, then I start looking like a weeble wobble. Take Care, Antonette

sunnyside46 said...


lauff4me said...

I can no longer do those things either. I have sciatica too. Boy, it's painful. Now give me 7 things you still can do. I'm thinking of some things too.  Now, how long do I have for this. Just kidding. It's hard to get old, but I couldn't do most of those things when I was young either.  Now, I'm depressed. Great Journal. I'll be back.

                                             Your Fellow Journalists,


lauff4me said...

Sorry, now I saw the things you can do. I had to read all of your good Journal. Well, I'm 60 and didn't see it. I will look at the rest of your Journal now. Bye.

                                                       Your Fellow Journalist,


tillysweetchops said...

The worm story certainly gave my gag reflex a good workout! LOL
Tilly x

hestiahomeschool said...

rofl....there are so many things I agreed with!

mzgoochi said...

LMAO Kim, you poor thing. You just gave new meaning to the 7 questions.

still LOL'ing