Sunday, September 12, 2004


As I mentioned before, there are days where I am moved to write but haven't found what I wanted to write about, those are the days I go to the Board for "Inspiration." Today I found something that moved me beyond words (almost) then beyond tears.....I am a Mother.....I view everything in life with a Mothers Heart.........below is the link to the journal that inspired me today, My comment on it became my entry into my Journal.


And everybody that goes to war calls it "Just" how can that be when so many innocents are taken? What did those children do to deserve this? And who has a place in this world for the kind of people who could do this? A soldier chooses to battle, what kind of choice did those children have? It sickens me that they, the Muslims, consider this a "Holy War" but then again, the Bible is full of "Holy Wars" isnt it? Its a no win situation, who's God is Holier? There is no correct answer when everybody believes Their God is holier, only blood shed in the name of religion. You only have to look at those pictures to see the irony of it all

Just so you know that I am not anti-war or pro-war I come from a huge military family for which I am proud of, I am proud to be an American.........I just can't accept wars in the name of Religion.


northangelgirl3 said...

As a mother I could not help but think out loud. People need to know. Many choose to ignore these facts. Thank you for saying things how they are. Hopefully more will  come  and voice their concerns. Because the fact of it is, that if they are willing to do it over there... they will be more than willing to do it here too.

Thank you so much.

bernmilo said...

definetly your right of opinion!