Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I knew your heart


Long before I knew your face
I knew your heart.
I knew it would speak to me the very
first time I saw your face.....
And it did.

I saw the most beautiful man,
one who stilled my heart.
But he had not seen me yet,
his eyes were to open to me later
in our lives.

For he had belonged to another
and I was off on my own
adventures in life.
But I knew our time would come
I had to just wait for it.

A few years would pass before
our eyes and our hearts
would open at the same time.
All it took was just a few moments
in each others company.

We both knew it at that moment,
that "this" was worth exploring.
My mind could not stop thinking of him
and as I found out later
nor his....... of me

But again this was not our time,
he had things to finish up.
And I was beginning something new
but that feeling of "knowing"
was still there between us.

When our time finally came
it was like the world cease to exist
we saw no others, we heard no sound
but the calling between two hearts....
"Yes I'm still here...and I have been waiting"

That first encounter happened
 over twenty-three years ago
and time has changed us both
but you my forever love.......
are still beautiful to me.


worknjane said...

I thought I would stop in for tea and crumpits, but you were'nt in. I love this piece, and I could feel your thoughts jumping off the page and reaching out to him.  If you haven't already, I hope the two of you soon reunite. Good luck, and next time I drop by, leave some cookies for me.     MJ

northangelgirl3 said...

That is soooo amazing!!!! I love these thoughts! I have to link this one to my journal for everyone to see!

mzgoochi said...

great pics Kim, he's very handsome

astaryth said...

This is beautiful... and those are great pictures of your husband. He's a very handsome man. Again, thank you for sharing your life and story with us!