Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My daughter the dumpster diver

Children need boundaries!  They need to learn my boundaries! I consider the inside of my house MY BOUNDARIES. I decide what is and what isn't allowed in my house, case in point.......

My 18 yr. old daughter and her Goth friends have all decided to become professional dumpster divers as of late. I like to refer to these children as "Children of the corn" They are a sight walking up my drive way late at night, all dressed in black, hair dyed black, shiny piercings, but they are probably the most intelligent bunch of kids that age, I know.  Conversations with these kids are always deep, they already know who they are, they aren't still struggling to find themselves, they just like to dress like "death" lol

Yesterdays "Discussion" was why she could not
lug into my house a Hi-fi 8 tracks stereo system in a console, you know what I'm talking about, the kind your parents had or for some of you your grand parents.  First of all I we don't even own any albums, records or 8 tracks anymore!  My second problem with this is what if its a fire hazard, I'm sure the wiring in this baby is shot, and last but not least what if this thing is infested with something....ewwwwwww!!!! I don't even want to go there! It was in someone's trash for a reason!

This is where my boundaries come in to play.........I feel this is mine and my DH's house, we have the final say so what is going to take up residence here right? I have always told them when they have tried that routine on me, 'It's my
room! I can have anything I want in my room!'  First of all I remind them that it is NOT their room, its a room, in my house that I let them sleep in, decorate the walls and put their clothes in. Someday they are going to move out, its not like they can take their room with them right!!!!  (Oh I so remember these fights with my parents, but I was trying to sneak in abandoned animals my whole childhood! lol)

Needless to day I won that argument, I told her you want it, then rent a storage locker somewhere and keep all your 'treasures' there until you move out, there is only room for one queen "B" in this house and I am the Queen
!!!!! Now off with their heads!!!!! lol


northangelgirl3 said...

LOL!!! This entry is hilarous! Your daughter should hang out with my sisters! They don't collect junk, but they sure are big on electronics, REGARDLESS of the era these things were built in. It must be a "retro" thing. LOL...


phantasiadream said...


wumzels2 said...

hi kim, let me start off by saying that i truly adore that i mean i have been sitting back in my chair, night after night, reading your posts on the board, and laughing my proverbial buttocks off.  i love your style, your sense of humor, and the fact that you know what life is all about.  but i must disagree with you on this one girlfriend, lol.  my daughter chose to move out the day she turned 17 because i wouldn't let her do "as she wanted".  and i miss her terribly.  but had she stayed, i would have probably not felt the way i do today.  we get along pretty well now, but only because we spent time away from each other.  ok, back to the dumpster diving diva.........i have done that before myself, and found great treasures.  but what you might want to sit down and discuss with your little fledgeling is, you bring it home, it has to be refinished, cleaned up, and work without a ton of money being spent on it.  and yes, the wiring should be checked out.  records are easy to find, but needles for phonographs are hard to find, so that might be a point to make.  another suggestion is if you have a garage or carport, that you allow her to put the stuff she "collects" out there, until it is revived enough to be brought in and placed in a spot of honor in "her room".  this might lead to a great vocation for this little goth princess.  might own her own "vintage" store someday.  just my thoughts.  blessings, regina

grassriver said...

OMG LOL!!! My brother was a dumpster diver; his thing was furniture. He once brought home this hideous, and I mean hideous, green couch. A hideous, smelly couch! Gross. Needless to say, my parents told him, in their most condescending parent tone that, as pretty and comfy as that rare beauty was, we didn't need a new couch.