Thursday, September 23, 2004

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Some things that I have learned about myself in a negative light. Some are flaws, some are simply regrets. I am secretly pleased that the list wasn't long enough to warrant its own journal! lol

I really hate my nose!
I can shut down quickly and stay that way for long periods of time
I enjoy bullying the bully a little to much
I wish I was taller then my weight would never be an issue
I should have never baked in the sun when I was younger, just look what it does to a potato and clay pots!
I very rarely give people second chances
I should have shown up to my typing class in High School more often if I would have seen into the future and the Internet!
I hate that I can't take compliments very well
I wish that I could of learned to say "no" sooner

Well wasn't that therapeutic..........Hmmmmmm......check back with me later on that! lol


rantorama said...

This is a good list.  I can relate to almost the entire thing.  But I did show up for typing class, hhehehe, it had cute boys in it.  That's one thing I am pretty good at...typing.  Not so much with the males, not anymore anyway, some get on my last nerve and I'm too old to worry with them!

g1itterkat said...

i can relate to most of the list....and probably add a few more that would warrant its own journal lol but we learn to live with what we have and appreciate more... remember the people who love us are there because they love *us* and everything that we are x
Jay x

cneinhorn said...

I'm tall and still not tall enough for me to be happy with my weight......LOL

and I hated my nose I finally got it fixed........but it's still not girls are too critical with ourselves.......I hope to see at 10 things I lik e about me entry next time! ;-)


phantasiadream said...


mzgoochi said...

I like my nose, I hate my chin, what chin I have anyway. And my neck, I hate my neck, it's too wide. I look like one of those body builders. LOL

I'm 5'3 1/2 I lie and say I'm 5'4 LOL So yea. I wanna be taller. About 6 inches taller!

Shutting down, me to.
Baking in the sun, I avoid it at all cost. Both of my moms sisters look 10 years older than they are.

Bullying the bully..Oh yea!
I still havent learned to say No, to everyone.
Compliments embarrass me.


danielled1 said...

great idea, I might try this :)