Thursday, July 28, 2005

Went to a garden party (2)

OK, I've had enough of Elvira thinking my Husband is fair game, I pull him away for a moment and give him 'The Clue' since he didn't have one of his very own! At first he doesn't get it......grrrrrr! let me put it to you this way, Darling.......she wants you! He denies this then just grabs me and hugs the hell outta me......all of a sudden he breaks out in this annoying lil grin and asks me if I am jealous? Why do they assume right away we are jealous? I of course deny this and just explain that when another woman goes after another woman's man, that woman needs to be checked, kinda like they do in Hockey........I'm here to give her a check! He just squeezes me harder and almost giggles at the idea I am jealous! lol

Some time passes when My Husband seeks me out and says he thinks she's after him now too! Ok Sherlock, what was it that finally gave you that idea.........he said she cornered me in the kitchen along with another girlfriend of hers and started talking about her thong.....she literally asked him if he wanted to see it! Her friend then chimes in that he can see hers too..........she is also married, I met her husband too! I can read the head lines now........woman attacked and almost strangled with her own at 11!

I let that moment wash over me and then I noticed the look of panic all over my Husbands face.........Hmmmm wonder what that look is for......was it the thought of seeing this woman's thong or what was I planning on doing about it! lol I aksed him what happened next? he saaid he politely declined their invitation and that she even had the nerve to ask him if his Wife wore a thong......... AHAH! proof she did know who I was! lol I think it was at this point he thought it would be a good time to go home.........I said nonsense! the party seems to just be getting under way.......I walk off and go mingle myself!

I make my way over to the bar and refresh my drink and take my seat back at the table where my sister and my friends are.......I let them in on this latest development, just as my husband walks up to the table to take his seat by me in which my friends in unrehearsed unison ask him if he wants to see their thongs too!  He dies a thousand deaths while planning mine also I'm sure! What? This was too good to keep to myself! lol Poor Jim didn't stand a chance.........neither did Elvira! lol lol


pittsk615 said...

sorry just don't give her a second thought some are just like that.


rap4143 said...

ROTFL you are bad!!!! MEN can be so stupid at times not realizing :(.

psychfun said...

Please tell me you did something/said something...I can't wait!


awen1122 said...

You are KILLING me here!!

sunnyside46 said...

this is great...a song here...some thong in the way she moves...ain't nothin like the real thong baby...heard it in a love thong... i could go on & on!

imshadowraven2 said...

oh g/f u love to keep us hanging..........but i would have so loved to have been apart of that group teasing Jim..........lmao u go girl

sdoscher458 said...

OmG it's go girl, I can't believe some women. Can't to see what happened next...cause I know it's not over...Sandi