Thursday, July 21, 2005

My KY Adventure......Goats


I had found this farm while on a visit to my Borther-In-Laws house and I wanted to go back on a later date to get a couple of shots of them. So after lunch one afternoon I made the mistake of asking my husband to drive me around so I could get some shots of farms, barns and animals. I say mistake because he doesn't have the patience to stop the truck every time I find something photo worthy, he doesn't see things quite the same way I do, but always appreciates my shots when completed.

When I am out scouting around on my own, I go slow and actually use stop and reverse and I occasionally hang a "U-ey" to get that perfect shot.....This man of mine drives fast and most of my KY shots are me hanging out the window at warped speed and trying to hang onto my camera and balance myself at the same much for a good hair day huh??? lol

This top shot is once of those shots.......I still like the way it turned out though don't ya think??.........Almost looks like an oil panting! the shots on the bottom are on our trip back to his Mother's house after I got him used to driving at a slower pace! lol





rap4143 said...


mawmellow said...

They all look like they're gettin ready to "potty" !! roflmaoooooo

cneinhorn said...

love the image of the goats in the field...


courtenaymphelan said...

Looks like a scene from The Sound Of Music...............the Hills are alive in this one...cmp

sunnyside46 said...

okay when i first saw the "KY" I ws thinking the jelly,not the state!
a Baaaad girl!