Sunday, July 17, 2005

My KY adventure and breakfast at the bait shop! lol

Toward the end of our stay in Kentucky, my Father-In-Law had told me that he wanted to take us out to breakfast one morning.......Now this is a sleepy lil town and in all our other trips down south there were never any restaurants open in the morning for breakfast, unless you wanted to take a small road trip, either 20 miles west or 36 miles north.  Needless to say I was kinda excited about eating breakfast out, I'm a breakfast kinda girl, I can eat breakfast as a meal anytime of the day! And once again it slipped my Mother-In-Laws mind (kinda like my birthday! lol) that I am a big fan of biscuits and sausage gravy, but I find myself not up for the challenge of making it myself even though for a Yankee girl, I make a mean sausage gravy! lol

So the following morning, I awake early to get ready for our breakfast outing, you see their house has only 1 bathroom (yikes) and it's first come first showered! And any bathroom emergency while occupied is shall we say.........SOL! My FIL gives my husband driving direction into the closest neighboring town where we are to have breakfast and lo and behold we pull up in front of a bait shop..........Yup a bait shop that serves breakfast! I am thinking, "I don't even wanna know!" So with "realtree" wallpaper on the wall and a cricket box not more than 10 feet away from the so called dining area, I probably enjoyed the best breakfast ever served outside my own home to me.........who would of thunk it???? It was soooooo good Jim and I snuck out the next morning and headed back to the bait shop for another breakfast! lol

It wasn't until exiting the building the second morning that I found this lil gem of Americana and days gone by of an old roadside motel. The sign was gone and the building was overgrown with vines and moss and most of the paint had chipped from the once white painted doors along with a few broken windows but it just begged for my camera to try to capture it's once faded glory.

My morning was complete.........a good breakfast to satisfy an early morning hunger pain, a cup of "sweet tea" to go and a great is good!




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lesiira said...

I am loving these last few enteries!!!  Great pics and it sounds like you had a good time.  I am a breakfast type of girl too!!  Linda

mawmellow said...

Just like old abandoned houses...what stories those walls could tell !
I love thinking and try to recreate what happened there while during it's "prime" !
Bonnie and Clyde EVER hide away there, ya think ?  

astaryth said...

Some of the best food I've had have been at 'hole in the wall' types of places!

nelishianatl said...

I grew up in the Eastern Mts. of Ky as a little girl, in some hollers between Va. and Tenn.  As an adult, I moved to NC.  From there on to the big city of Atlanta before coming out here to Denver.  I have a neat surprise for you.  I wa so inspired by the photo of the window with the curtains, that I sat up for hours last night trying to recreate it.  It sat my imagination running.  Thanks for posting all your pics.  ARt for me is theraputic and it's a start for the first time in months.  Check out my journal to see it. Nelishia n(Wishing and Hoping)

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shooser1 said...

You are such a northerner!  ROTFL!  I love sausage gravy too but I can never seem to find a good sausage to make it with to where I get enough grease.  Any suggestions?

I am like you though and can eat breakfast morning, noon, or night.  YUM!


hestiahomeschool said...

what a yankee....hehehe...of course a bait shop would make great food!