Saturday, July 23, 2005

A "monday" kinda Saturday

Hmmmmmm ......What? Are my stars not aligned today? Why am I having a Monday on a Saturday, and since I have been home for the past 14 years raising my children does that even qualify me to have a "Monday" any more? I like Mondays! The kids are/were in school and that meant I have 6.5 hours a day alone for the next 5 days and that always makes me happy.......but summer vacation  throws everything off, but the good thing is, by the time summer comes around I am actually sick of the school least with the two youngest in middle school and starting high school, the only time I make a lunch now it's for me! lol

OK, back to my "Monday" kinda Saturday.....It's just me and lil Jimmy today, Big Jim is at the lake already and I have to take lil Jimmy in for an EKG......he's only 13! Since his medication for ADHD/ODD keeps him awake until the wee small hours of the morning, even on a low dose we have tried a new medicine for him to take at night, it will help him sleep and restore some of his appetite since the other meds squash it completely. I was told to take him for an EKG in two weeks, possible side effects is a high heart rate, I immediately remind his specialist about my sometimes outta-whack heart and he says lets try this med and see. Jimmy's heart rate is 109 in a sitting around a waiting room, then lying on a bed for a few minutes routine. 109 resting? I know that is too high.........even without waiting for the doctor to get the report I am taking him off that med........I hope it leaves his system quickly!

I bring him home to get his Bow so he can meet his dad at the lake and get some practice time in together before the heat kicks in, I am worried about the heat and now eve more worried about the way the heat my effect his increased heart rate.......maybe a couple hours of floating and fishing might help him relax and bring down that heart rate. I pick Big Jim's pocket for the ATM card to get some grocery shopping done, I think I can't need much since it is only Jim, Jimmy and I for the  rest of the summer, Rachel is spending the next couple of weeks in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Well, a few weeks ago in that credit card fiasco where thousands of cards were compromised,  as you can guess.....ours were in that bunch, credit cards were canceled, new cards issued, new pin numbers on ATM cards, everything, we didn't realize how much we relied on them until we didn't have access to one for a few days.....well this morning at the grocery store I totally forgot about it and tried to use to card, I accidentally put in the old pin numbers of not one but two of the cards when the first one failed and for the life of me I thought I was loosing my mind, I know the pin numbers..........I KNOW THE PIN NUMBERS!!! Well, little did I know that after 3 wrong attempts it automatically freezes your here I stand on a Saturday morning in a very long line at the market with a cart full of groceries I can't buy........duh! I'll just write a check! check book number 1.... no more checks, no problem open check book number more checks! Was it because I picked up a lovely bouquet of pale orange roses and thought hey why not? Was it cuz I was being so smug about having a very organized shopping list for the first time, even with coupon?? I never use coupons.......I always have good intention of using them, I clip them and put them in a coupon organizer but do I actually bring them into a store with me..........nope! But this time I did! Maybe it was just my time to have a day like this.

So now I have to ask the check out girl if she would like me to return about 200 hundred dollars worth of groceries back to the appropriate shelves and she politely says she will call someone up to do that for me and then I apologize to the patient people who were behind me and who are watching me and silently thanking their lucky stars that it is not them today or who knows.... maybe they were silently referring to me as the idiot in the front of the line.....what ever the case I call Jim and blame it all on him........(I know I am soooooo bad!) and he says "As usual" and tells me don't worry about it and go home. I should have came home and got the new checks and gone back but now I don't feel much like shopping..........I think I am just a lil preoccupied with what is going on with my Son so I think I'll just let this 'Monday" kinda Saturday pass me by.

I sure hope Sunday feels like a Sunday! lol


gdireneoe said...

Welcome to my world dear.  LOL  I have had the debit/credit card problem too.  I did the same thing with the three tries.  Unfortunately, I had a loud-mouthed cynical idiot who COMPLETELY humiliated me in front of about a gazzillion people.  Happy Monturday.  :0  C.

awen1122 said...

You poor thing!!!!  Hopefully Sunday is better!!!

cneinhorn said...

I'm wishing a much better sunday for you!

jmorancoyle said...

    Been there, done that. I think we all have. None the less, it is humiliating. I hope your son's medical situation straighten itself out. My eldest is ADHD. I know the concerns you're going through. Thank you for your comments in my journal.

sunnyside46 said...

what a day you have had. what kind of med is your son on? you know I have a llittle fidgety girl, too, my caitllin