Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Summer Wind



Oh what a glorious day it is when
the sky is that perfect shade of blue
and even the Redwing black bird
sings atop the trees that line
the cat-tailed swamps.

The gentle breeze sways the black-eyed Susan's
against the purple hue of the meadow blazing star
I sit and watch the butterflies
play freely among the blooms
and rejoice in their summer flight.

The faded reeds of Chinese puzzle sticks
stand ridged against the tall green
razor sharp blades of the cattails
 even as the summer wind loosens
my golden hair to play across my face

To feel life pulsating through all my senses
brings me back to the summers of my youth
spent quietly hidden in the marshes
observing the passage of tadpoles to frogs
and wondering about my own metamorphosis.

I will not take a day like this for grant it
 it makes me stay conscious and ever alert
of the world that surrounds me,
it reminds me to stay ever vigilant
in finding the joy of the most simple things.

kmh 2005


globetrotter2u said...

The pic and the poem are so lovely!
I know how you feel when the wind, a fleeting scent in the air, a forgotten memory somehow triggers feelings from those carefree days of youth...
Ahh, but the memories become increasingly more fleeting with each year that passes.
Thank-you for that lovely entry. I so miss seeing black-eyed susans blowing in the wind here in Paradise. You can't grow English lavender or Russian sage here either. I tried, and the stuff just mutates or something in this freakin heat and humidity. You must live somewhere pretty like I once did. Sigh.

jmorancoyle said...

Very nice.

sunnyside46 said...

one of those days whe it is enough to just 'be'

sdoscher458 said...

Beautiful....I love poetry that takes you there and leave you surrounded by emotion.......Sandi

courtenaymphelan said...

Kimberleigh, Last night a thunderstorm blew into Texas. i was sitting in my rocker on the porch surrounded by my dogs. I suddenly ralized how lately I have been taking my life for granted! I really love the wind against my face the smell of rain and streaks of lightening. My dogs were filled with fear and pressing close to me . I realized how necessary I am to them and how much they love me and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such beauty. Then I awake this morning to finish reading my alerts and I open your beautiful poem underscoring my exact sentiments last night. What a gift you are to j-Land! Courtenay