Sunday, July 17, 2005

My KY Adventure...Americana Barns (1)



What I loved best about this shot is the contrast in colors......we have the vivid red from the barn with just traces of old weathered wood scattered here and there, then we have the bright green grass of the meadow this barn sits on, then with just a peek inside we see the once brilliant blue of a tractor from years of sun and use.

I also shot off a few rounds of this barn in Sepia and Black and White, and even though you can't tell from the picture above the sun was shining brightly while we had a gentle rain replenishing the earth. The only time the rain was visible in this shot is when I took this shot in Black and White, then the rain drops look like tiny slashes against the grayness of the barn. I wanted to show how the difference in the look of the picture from modern day color to grainy black and white of days gone by.



dornbrau said...

I couldn't get Dickidoo to stop for me to photograph all the barns and other neat buildings we passed along our way to Kentucky and back again.  One day I will go on a road trip just to take pictures so I can stop when ever and where ever I want.  
I love that picture of Jasper.  He looks so guilty.

hestiahomeschool said...

Great picture. I love my state!

cneinhorn said...

its pretty both ways...but the contrast of the greens and the reds really catches the eye!  

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