Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kristina's Writing Lounge Assignment

Kristina over at the Writer's Lounge as come up with her own version of  writing assignments.....I'm all for reading fresh views on even fresher topics. This weeks assignments is Ode to the School bus, write a poem on what that school bus means to you and share it with is mine

The joy that yellow bus brings
I count the days until its arrival
and the first day of school
I happy dance into the house
hours..... glorious hours to myself
no one to scream "MAAA!"
from anywhere in the house

the computer is mine, the phone is mine
I even have total control over the remote
silence......golden silence
greets me in every room
coffee with the neighbors
lunch with my girlfriends
"Mom's Taxi" is not for hire

No one rummaging through a fully
stocked kitchen
while mumbling to ones self
"There is nothing to eat"
No one telling me they are bored
having time enough alone
to become bored myself

As much as I love to see that
yellow bus make its way down my street
it is the back of the bus that makes
my heart smile as I wave the children off!

kmh 2005


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    Very nice. Touches my heart.

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Oh, this was great!  :-)


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