Monday, November 22, 2004

Weekend Assignment 35: Thankful

Weekend Assignment 35: Thankful  

 A few things I'm thankful for.......

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream (Baskin Robbins)

The fact that my In-laws live 400 miles away from me

That menopause is right around the corner

That I am no longer concerned with the size of my butt and I could care less if my butt looks big in anything anymore! lol

That Spring always follows Winter

That I am no longer bound to my make up bag and high heels

White Chocolate

My down (feather) comforter

 hot bubble baths with a good book

Jammie days

My favorite Japanese Restaurant

My cell phone and ATM card 

The fact that I'm allowed to change my mind without an explanation (that's my prerogative) and yes that is how that word is spelled! lol

Red nail polish

school days


Just a silly lil list in no particular order.........hope ya got a giggle out of something! lol


felicia63 said...

i like your list and can relate to most, only wish my inlaws lived 400 miles away!!!!
ha ha ha

plieck30 said...

I like the part about in-laws living 400 miles away. Everytime my husband and I got ready to go somewhere the in-laws would show up. My mil kept close contact on the phone too. Paula

danielled1 said...

Love these - that's a great list


g1itterkat said...

like the *in laws* bit lol, and im grateful for bubble baths and good books too, but add a nice glass of red wine to that, ( to drink lol not add to the bath!! )
Jay xx

gramroni said...