Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"Garden Party".....In series (1)

I am a gardener wanna be, I love flowers and plants, but I'm know for being able to kill a cactus, that's is why my Husband usually never gives me plants, just cut flowers, they are expected to die off....... there for I have no guilt when they do. I haven't actually planted anything in the ground, I'm just getting comfortable with pots and big dream is to have an English Garden someday.....the kind you can get lost in, the kind you want to get lost in. Another short series in photos.

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sdoscher458 said...

The plants look good, as long as you give them good soil, a little water some filtered sun they should do good....I have 1/2 acre loaded with plants & fact so many that I sell some on e-bay...hubby has anextremely green thumb! But just a little attention they do great.....Sandi