Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"Personality traits"

I recently stumbled across a quote saying, "I have a personality for every occasion" I think that is true for almost everybody. Most of us are able to bring forward the type of personality that is needed in almost every situation.

I am the
when I see something or someone hurting, I want to make everything "All better." I carry around a lot of guilt if I can't make someone's pain go away, I have to keep reminding myself that sometimes there is no end result in every situation, I can't fix everything.

I am the
when I see someone who needs to "Talk." I later discovered I might of done this because it was so much easier to heal others then heal myself. I am the one others come too when they need advice, but in I have a tough time asking for help myself. I am just not programmed to do that, giving up control over me and letting someone help me is very difficult. It only makes me more determined to handle everything myself.

I am the
if I see a terrible injustice, especially if it's one of my children that needs to be defended! Talk about the "Momma Bear Syndrome" but don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those Mother's that says,"Not my child!" I know what my children are capable of, I'm an expert on them. But I have a hard time sitting still and being a quiet bystander when I see someone who needs help defending themselves. I remember coming across a brawl in the street among several High Schoolers in my area, I didn't know any of them, but I stopped my truck and yelled out the window, "Knock it off right now before I call your Mothers!" and I showed my cell phone they all took off running, fight over.........now that was funny! Ü

I am the
"Wounded Child"
when something triggers a not so kind childhood memory. The pain comes rushing back fast, and I feel those old walls going up fast! The thought of how cold and distant I can become in a New York Moment shocks me today, but it was something I had to learn to do in order to survive my childhood. I can't seem to undo that part of my personality.

I am the
when I see a situation that needs to be disarmed. I keep a level head and try to put everything into perspective for all parties. Sometimes all it takes is a lil humor and everything gets settled down.

It's funny how each personality trait knows when to show itself, it's like they linger somewhere just below the surface and are always ready to come forward when a situation arises...... How many live inside you??? lol


dklars said...

OMG!!  Paragraph three is ME!!


jcole16757 said...

I too would consider myself having a personality for every occaison.  

gramroni said...

I like your list! You can add occassional "monster" to mine! Happy Holidays!

sweetnessk71 said...

wow when I read that it was like looking at my own triats.  Well,, add in a lil *itchy and that is all me LOL... glad to know I am not the only one out there like that.

Have a great thanksgiving!!


ikoiko33 said...

I lost count of all of my personalities and personality traits!! I'm afraid if I admitted it, I would be diagnosed with that multiple personality disorder or something!! LOL



jbenjack said...

How true, how true!!!

plieck30 said...

Never thought about it, but looks like you have them all covered. Paula

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dragonspirituscg said...

I got your journal off of someone else's, and never have I been so touched before.  I agree with everything you wrote.  KJ

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blueshadegrl said...

Mine is the 'observer', always studying and watching everything and everyone, seeing how people tick. Thanks for your comments on my blog. :o)