Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Phone Call

OK, so I'm bias, I think my lil boy is adorable and apparently the lil girls at school are starting to think so too! lol Even though he was given his first kiss on the school bus on his way home from kindergarten 7 years ago, he still is isn't comfortable when the girls pay attention to him, I think that's about to change real soon!

Last winter while my Sister's family and mine where trying to escape the winter blues for an extended weekend, we were staying at a place that has rooms pool side with private patio's outside the rooms to keep an eye on the kids as they swam in the huge indoor pool. Near the deep end of the pool is a floor to ceiling glass wall that you can access the outside part of the pool without ever leaving the pool, (very cool to be in a heated pool outside on a snowy night!) Across from the pool is the hot tub, so I'm watching my son and my 9 year old nephew make there way over to the hot tub which at this point isn't occupied, not more than 1 minute after they enter the hot tub comes 3 lil girls to join them. One little girl says to my son, "My friend likes you" that my Son replies, "That's nice" and quickly exits the hot tub, rather sarcastically as to my nephew when he repeats to us why they jumped out of the hot tub so fast, they were both like, "Girls!!!!" My Sister and I laughed so hard at the expressions on their faces as if these girls just ruined there weekend away! lol

So last night through the oh so smart caller ID the phone keeps ringing every 5 minutes with a cell phone number popping up so, since it's just my 2 little ones My (13 and 12 yr. old) I don't answer it thinking it's friends of my older daughter's. Finally on the 4th try I tell my 13 year old daughter just answer it and tell them you sister isn't home. She's says hello, then with a stunned look on her face she says
"Jimmy?" and then hands the phone to my son. He says hello a few times and no reply, then finally a girls voice says, "Is this Jimmy?" he says sternly "YES?" then a bunch of giggles on the other end break out, he say's "HELLO?" one more time then he's asked,"Do you know a Courtney so and so?" and he says sternly again "YES!" (the look of agony on his face is priceless!) This is where he tells me later that so many girls are giggling and Courtney won't say a word so he says,"I gotta go!"
and quickly hangs up the phone.

Now I'm dying, its his first 'girl' phone call and I'm just beaming! He of course doesn't want to talk about it, all's he says is,
"Now why would a bunch of girls just call me and do nothing but talk to each other and call each other names and laugh the whole time!?"

And all I'm thinking is, "Get used to it buddy because from now on it's gonna happen a lot!" lol and then I break off into a dead heat to call my sister so I can giggle like a school girl too! lol I was still giggling about it when my Husband came home from work so I enlightened him with the story of 'The phone call' and his look is almost as mournful as my Son's was. I think he (My Husband) just realized he's gonna be loosing his lil fishing buddy real soon, to the dark side.........GIRLS! lol


dklars said...

I'm gigglin' right along with you.  My son has written "I love Heather"  (Hmm, or is it Brianne?  I don't recall) All over his notebook.  I poked him in the ribs and said "What's that all about?"  He said "We're just friends.  I wrote that so the girls at school will leave me alone!"  Hahahahaaaa

maidothemist said...

<snicker> This is going to be FUN-lolol

jcole16757 said...

What a cute story.  Girls are so persistent, I'm sure he'll have many more phone calls such as this one!

proudtimmyfan said...

LOL, I enjoyed your story! I have a five year old son who seems to have a sort of crush on a little girl from his K-5 class. When he sees her in the hall, he kinda hides behind me and says 'There she is!" Sometimes he'll say hi to her, but it's always fast and mumbled. I didn't ecpect a little boy to feel that way at this age, but then again, there are no rules in love/like/crushes, eh? The little girl just giggles when they see each other, I think it's really cute. I've told him not to "crowd" her, but it's ok to talk/play with her when they are out on the playground. Good luck with the dating years to come! I think we're both in for a looooong journey!!

awen1122 said...

That is sooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


disq54 said...

Awwww nice story lil! My son is 7 and he already likes the ladies. I hate to see what it will be like when he is older..lol


sdoscher458 said...

Isn't it cute...in a few short years he'll be looking for the girls to chase him more..enjoy these years they are precious....Sandi

kimbellina1957 said...


judithheartsong said...

What a sweet entry............ judi

astaryth said...

Awwwww.... poor kid... but soon he'll be happy when they call!

gramroni said...

That is so cute! Phone will be ringing off the hook soon!

brandilynneliz said...

LOL... giggles as I read that... oh muh gosh do we ever change??? :P