Sunday, November 21, 2004

"Fast Foward"

November is almost over and so is this year! A lot has happened and I feel pretty much caught up in the snow ball effect of it all. Time passed much more slowly when I was younger, when my children were younger, I used to think, "Please God! It has to go faster than this!"

When your a stay at home Mom you loose all track of time, many days I had to ask my kids not only what day of the week it was but what was the actually date. It's easy to loose yourself when you are totally involved with someone else's life and when your a parent, especially a Mother that is exactly what it is, total commitment.

Having two out of school and getting on with their owns lives has made my life a little easier, now I have more time to concentrate on getting the younger two ready for life. Having two separate set of children (age wise) gives me the sense of Deja Vu all the time! lol The only difference sometimes is the last child was is a lil boy, and nothing the 3 older girls did was remotely similar to what a lil boy can get himself into! lol

With having two still in school (Middle School) my life is still pretty much ruled by the school calendar, but nothing was quite as hectic as it was a couple of years ago when I had one in grade school, one in middle school, one in high school and one off in college. I didn't know if I was coming or going half the time! My morning prayer was please Lord, don't let them forget anything! lol

Right now in my life I cherish MY quiet time, the blissful 6.5 hours that I have to myself everyday. I can write, run off with my camera, be online, shop, nap, spend time with my friends, etc., the list is endless. I still have a few more years in raising my last two lil ones, but I'm secretly hoping by the time they graduate high school my two older ones will be settled down with babies of their own, so I can still get my "Baby Fix" when I need one. Oh the freedom in loving a small child then handing them over to their own parent when I want too, can life get any better than that?? lol

I can't wait for sleep overs with the grandbabies, watching my Husband wander off with a grandchild or two to go fishing, listening to my own children's parental war stories about how hard it is to raise children these days, (of course I'll have that Cheshire cat grin on my face) But most off all I'm looking forward to having my Husband all too myself!

Life ispretty much on "fast forward" right now and I'm looking forward to the time I can hit "pause" in the mean time I'm trying not to run my battery down! lol


dklars said...

I know what you mean!  I have two out of school and one in middle school.  I want him to hurry up and grow up, but at the same time I want him to slow down and be my "baby" a while longer.  

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ebonygrl3 said...

I can relate, I have three boys ages 10, 8, 7. It gets hectic at times, getting them off to school, keeping up with homework, making sure they behave, some days I have to ask God for strength, but I would not trade it for the world. I wonder how it will be when they are all grown up and out on their own. I am sure I will not know what to do with myself:) God Bless