Saturday, September 3, 2005

*.....You are here.



Oh how I wish this picture came with a 'You Are Here Star" and that how I wish even harder it was.....true!


Sometimes the more familiar we become with something the more we take it for grant it. While driving home the other night, I had the two youngest, lil ones with me and we all shared out loud how we still wished we were in our special place up in the North Woods.  I know no one would blame me after viewing how beautiful it is up there.

But would I still find it soooo charming and beautiful if it become my everyday existence. Would I still take the time every night to gaze up at the night sky and listen to the loons on the lake? Would I appreciate the tall pines trees and their branches peeking down on me every morning when I opened my eyes? Would I no longer find napping in the afternoon with my Husband soothing and thrilling at the same time?

I know right now I take most things for grant it, like electricity and running water and a drink from the tap, not to mention the safe roof over my head every night. I'm sure the Gulf Coast survivors would not take any of this for grant it now, even though they probably did just that.... a week or so ago.

I don't want my everyday life to jade me to the point of not seeing all the beauty that is in my world right now. I know where my children are and other family members, I have a house to clean, a street to walk not swim or paddle down......I know where my next meal is coming from and where I will be finding safe haven tonight while I rest my fortunate head.

Again, I have had my eyes opened up for me in the face of this devastation that is taking place less then 1100 miles south of me....Shame on me for taking some but not all of it for grant it.

Tragedy and suffering has a way of opening your eyes, tugging at your heart and I hope by now....opening your wallets. We are a great Nation with many flaws, but our true colors come through in times of great needs.....United we stood when 'Man" tried to take down New York City.....United we must stand in the face of what "Mother Nature" has dealt us. Terrorism and most natural disasters comes with out warning, Hurrican's come with a few days notice, maybe from now on people will take heed when told told to evacute the next city.....especially since it seems we can manage to get aid all around the world faster than we were able to get that same aid.... on our own soil.

A catagory 4 hurrican should never be under estimated by the goverment or the people.......but like I theorized up above, when one gets used to something, by it being in their everyday existance or every hurrican season existance.......we tend to become laxed in the way we view things and laxed with our own concerns.


wisteriaswalk said...

Yes we have become laxed and it is in our nature to take things and moments for granted. This is a good after thought of a tragic moment in our history. Well said and taken.

And yes I'll take a glass of sweet tea with me as I sit on my front porch and watch the sunrise. And give thanks to the man up stairs for the day He has given me.


grofsand said...

Regarding taking things for granted..your thoughts remind me .... I had a friend who was so proud of his Rolex watch, one of the "pricey" kind. One day as he was showing it off (again!) I placed my hand over it and asked him to describe to me the numbers on the watch (were they Roman Numerals or Bars). He fell speechless!   A watch that he loved, admired and bragged about, he couldn't even tell me about a small detail on it!
 We go through lives "looking" ...but not really seeing, and thus we "overlook" and take things for granted!
    I am relieved to feel, that no one is "overlooking" the devastation in the gulf region...the tide of help is rising!
May you have a day where you are seeing things, oh so clear!
Marc :)

madcobug said...

Great entry today and a great picture. A very peaceful place. Places like that is what I love. Helen

rlspina said...

So true, I'll take the middle seat.

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angeleewhitewolf said...

I am so gald I found this page ....I like you take too many thing for granted

tillysweetchops said...

This entry started with me drinking in the beauty of the woods and left me with thoughts provoked. That's good - thank you.

ashleekr said...

You are so right about taking things for granted - it can be very easy to do, and something we should all work each day NOT to do - need to realize each day just how precious life really is!

brandyp0509 said...

The hard part of living in the "hurricane zone" or gulf coast is the fact that these people will receive ten warnings every year during hurricane season, some more stronger a warning than others but they have to pick and chose, "do I evacuate and leave my home with this one?", etc and they don't want to do that ten different times. Unfortunately this time was one time where they should have heeded the evacuation orders. I'm not gonna say this is an eye opener for me because I live in Louisiana and those levees needed repair two years ago but never got the funding so basically quite a few of us were, sad to say, just waiting on something of this catastrophic nature to occur because it does especially when men don't see the worst coming and they push the thought to the side. I have spent a least one week in New Orleans every year since I was 9. My oldest brother graduated from Tulane so we were always there and I love the city albeit it can be dirty and nasty but still so rich and full of history and now well, there is nothing there and what is there, I want no part of because of the toxicity of it all. I've been blessed to have gotten the chance to volunteer and spend time with the refugees that we have here in our stadiums, etc. and it has truly been a blessing as I've gotten to see the human spirit rally at a time when you would think it impossible.  My heart grieves with those who have lost their homes, lives, loved ones, etc. I cannot bear it.  It's a horrific event and one that I don't think any of us will too soon forget.  Brandy