Friday, September 2, 2005

More on "Momma's Intuition"

In response to my friend..... Psychfun (<~~~link) who left this comment for me in my 'Mother's Intuition' entry.... "Who told you it was not I ask because my father stats are such that we know go to dad & if he says you are fine you go to the ER! Ha!"   (This young woman cracks me up all the time! lol)

Oh you know it! lol There was another time when Lil Jimmy was almost 4 years old, my Mother's Intuition didn't let me down. I was planing my first serious formal dinner party at the house.....I had spent the previous few days 'power cleaning' the whole house and planning the formal dinner (standing rib roast). Everything was going smoothly (too smoothly, I should have know better!) and it was about half an hour before my guests were to arrive. I had dinner planned at 8:00 p.m. with cocktails and Hors D' Oeuvres at 7:00 p.m. Jimmy was already bathed and in his new superman pajamas and was down in the family room pestering his older sister. I was going to let him stay up until my guests arrived then put the little ones down for the night.

His Superman pajamas came with flying red cape and this lil guys thought he would give it a try, I will never get the whole story of what happened because between Jimmy and Amanda there has always been conflicting stories of what really happened. All I do know for sure is that he was standing on the back of the couch (Big NO-NO!) and decided to test his cape and landed with a thud on the floor of the family room. Now mind you the Family Room is located on the lowest level of my home with nothing but concrete foundation under the carpet and padding. I heard the blood curdling scream 2 floors up and came running!
Well, Little Superman didn't fly he more or less crashed and burned and I could tell even though he looked perfectly fine with no blood, bruising or swelling 'something was wrong' Something told me screamed it, although he did say that is the area,  where is 'Owie' was located.

Now my guests are arriving and I am having a battle royale with DH, He says, "He's fine! If his collar bone was broken I would know it, I had mine broken when I was 8 years old!' and proceeds to grab the boy and give his collar bones a once over. I see the tiniest wince of pain and I know something is wrong with my baby!  So I get oh so close to DH's face and whisper, "If you don't take us to the ER right now, I will drive us there ourselves!"  Let's just say my dinner party was a huge success even though my Husband and I were not in attendance! lol......The guests came and saw and ate till their hearts content and kept an eye on my other 3 children.

The x-ray tech comes in with the slides and proceeds to hand them to the doctor and I ask if I can view them at this time too.......she say's, "Unless you have been schooled on x-ray reading you won't be able to tell where the fracture is" PUHLEAZZZE! Back light switch gets turned on and I point to right where I see the fracture! She says, "How did you know" DUH! "I AM HIS MOTHER!" OK, not so scientific but something's don't need to be, they just are! lol Now this is were I now turn my glare on DH and tell him, "TOLD YA SO" A mother just knows these things.......and he really thought he was going to win that battle over the ER trip? PUHLEAZZZZZE! lol

Now with lil Jimmy's current injury, I iced it down as soon as he came home and Ibuprofen him to death, but I still knew a trip to the X-ray machine was going to be in order, I let DH talk me into waiting until morning where he guaranteed me the swelling would be gone and just a small bruise would remain, after all it was just a lil sprain......WRONG! lol I don't think I will be consulting him anymore on our children's little mishaps from now on......I will listen to my own "Momma's Intuition" and do the ER trips all by myself. Now don't get me wrong I am very good in a crisis, it's not that I can't handle watching what they do to my children in the ER (4 kids only a handful of trips.....all but 2 trips were lil Jimmy (read more about him in my sidebar)...Blessings!) but it is after it is all over that I fall to pieces...strong when I need to be but, look out for those relief tears! lol! That is what I usually bring hubby along for......the drive back home with me a weeping and a hugging and a weeping and a hugging! lol

Jimmy is 13 years old public displays of affection between him and his Momma are no longer 'public' but the little boy in there still needs his Momma when no one else is looking! lol Something about a Momma and her little boy!     I'll update what the Orthopedic Surgeon has to say later today after our consultation.

Must get ......B U B B L E  W R A P!!!!!!!


hadonfield78 said...

Dear Dear Lady,  "Kids will be Kids"
We cant protect them from everything......................
You gotta let them experience it for themselves.

dklars said...

Oh my goodness, I am the same way.  I'm fine with the stitches, setting of the bones, needles, Xrays ... but once it's over I turn to a blubbering body of mush!  ~~Kath~~

psychfun said...

Ha! But it is pathetic when you have a face that is so swollen your eye is shut etc & dad still says, "She' fine!" UGH! (Roller Skating injury....another head!) He is pretty bad! I forgot to mention the bubble wrap (which my mom says she is going to do to me since I've killed 2 toes since my foot surgery last fall also!). Check out the Gatorade commercials or their website. They have a kid in bubble wrap! It is just sooooo funnny.