Friday, September 2, 2005

So what do you do for a living?

Most of my entries are fresh from head, by that I mean I sit down and type away and that is how I come up with an entry almost everyday. My topics are as random as my thoughts. There are plenty of days where I sit at my computer (usually first thing in the morning) and can only come up with one word......"DUH!" Those are the days I can't put a thought together let alone a sentence or a paragraph with correct punctuation.

Then there are those days where that is all I can do, now trying to do this and write it all down as soon as it pops into my head is where the real challenge begins. Those are the days where I can write 6 or 7 entries and store them for later when the 'DUH! DAY" shows up again.......this is just one of those stories written sometime ago and saved I guess....... until now.

Usually when I am at a social gathering I try and meet as many new people as I can. I am not shy (most days) so conversing comes easy to me. Usually one of the first few questions that comes up is.....what people do for a many occupations come with stigmatism's.....some good.......some very bad.........(think divorce lawyer! lol) This occupation will be mentioned again further down in the entry.

I am a Doctor........Hmmmmmm noble occupation, there to help the sick but also thoughts of high income, long hours and malpractice insurance tops the list of analogies.

I am an Exotic Dancer........PUHLEEZE how is dancing around in pasties and a thong swinging from a pole EXOTIC? I would only consider this exotic if maybe it was a primate or something, but lets do give the girls some props...... after all they are doing all this in high heels and that is a feat in itself! Or should I h have spelled that "FEET" for a few laughs? lol

I am a Zoologist.........Lucky Duck! Who among us didn't want to work at the Zoo growing up? Now I consider this a glamorous kinda job unless your job consists of following the Elephants around with a shovel and a bucket. But all and all still a fascinating job!

I am an Actor/Actress..........OK unless I know your name off the top of my head this really means you are a waiter/waitress...but if I do know the name and the face I think.....HollyWood, over paid, paparazzi, looses their anonymity as fast as they loose their morals and lives in a house I can only dream about owning.

I am a Rocket Scientist............OVER ACHIEVER! lol That Job title  alone, just reeks of prestige and brains! You could even be a rocket scientist who wears pasties and a thong and you will still get the respect the job commands! lol

I am a Lawyer..........good versus evil.......It's only a good thing if you are on the winning side other wise your known as the devil incarnate. Lowest of the lows.....even doing it in high heels can't help you! lol

I am a Mortician............NEXT! is all I can say............NEXT! I mean yes it's a quiet job and the stress level must be somewhere near zero but......yikesssss! Not too many kids say they want to be a mortician when they grow up and if they did, I think the parents would think a trip to the  therapist was in  order! lol

I am a Stay at Home Mother........this job gets less respect than the exotic dancer....because everyone feels as least she is earning an income! But when did choosing to stay home and raise the children you brought into this world become a less than noble job? It is by far one of the most stressful, under appreciated job out there. At least when you work outside of the house you get a break away from home and a stay at home Goddess, I mean's a 24/7 kinda breaks unless your own Mother comes and stays a few days!

I'm a Politician..........sneaky rat bass turds! I find it hard to believe anybody that would choose politics as a profession does it merely from the bottom of their heart........there is ALWAYS a hidden agenda.......even if it's just to step up to their next position in the politicians guide book on how to succeed in business on the backs of your constituents.

OK.....My little social gathering is over and everybody has gone home for the night.....Well, at the very least I made a few new connections that I will be following up on........the Zoologist and the Stay at Home Mom of course........she made a killer bean dip! lol lol lol


sahockenberry said...

<applause> Woohoo Kim!! Man you have been really typing today! I love this entry!  Exotic dancer ...hehehehe now that's a job I would be proud to tell everyone I do...LOL
Well, all, I got the call to go to Houston to help with the babies and mommies down there in dispair...We will be taking water, food, formula,jucies, clothes, sippy cups, diapers, bottles,over the counter vitamins for mom and baby and toys..that's just the tip of the iceburg...Since I am in Oklahoma City, We are only a few hours drive..I am excited to be able to do something.  Please pray for Birth choice as we head down there this afternoon! We should be back tomorrow night; And please pray that I have the courage to let the little ones go when I leave.

hadonfield78 said...

Hey Hey Hey

My MOM was an Exotic Dancer.
And yes, she did have nice FEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

auburndawn said...

Oh...  nice entry!  My favorite was the guys who tried to convince my sister and I they were FBI agents.... riiiiiight!  lol!  Congrats for Getting Guest Editors pick!  I always enjoy your journal!

tmunicat said...


sdoscher458 said...

Oh you are funny...I was a Wedding Planner/Florist/Caterer...wonder what your thoughts are on those professions? LOL...Sandi

plieck30 said...

Congrats on being guest editor's pick. I was a stay-at-home Mom, housewife and landlady. Now I am a roadrunner. Paula

wisteriaswalk said...

I am a Office Manager / Glorified Getter-Done-Girl.
Congrats on the eddy's pick. I've enjoyed your writing and will be back.


psychfun said...

Not that I am defending Exotic Dancers...but then hey I do love to DANCE...hee..hee... I think "EXOTIC" comes from the idea that this type of dancing is not USUALLY found at home (norm, usual) it is like a trip to lovely place....maybe were the ladies still go topless & who do a tribal dance...get the idea. Personally, I think taking the real trip would be much better but....and the dance may be a wee "stretch" (ooops did I say that?!) from the tribal type...or perhaps they use trees for poles? Ha! Also anything that is not the normal (wife) is EXOTIC so...this is why there are all kinds of Victoria Secret's since guys like different/variety...although have you noticed VS is going Teenage? I mean what is with all the lounge pants & use to be the fun stuff (not for teens!)

tillysweetchops said...

Oh this did make me laugh ( hee hee) Especially the bit about actors and exotic dancers, Oh and Lawyers...oh and Morticians ... In fact just about everything! Asking somebody what they do for a living must be the laziest ice-breaker going and as your entry has shown, it's a minefield anyway. Far safer to ask them their views on sex, politics and religion!

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ashleekr said...

Excuse my spelling - can't type today - you are TOO funny!  LOL

ashleekr said...

You are two funny, girl.