Friday, September 2, 2005

Happy Thread....Collections


Last year when I was 'new" and when I started my blog, I often was disappointed with the 'turn' the boards would take from time to time, So I had started what I called "Happy Threads" So I wanted to do another one.....anyone who wants to participate can...leave a link to your entry in the comment area and please stop and view others.

Happy Thread.....Write about something you collect....When you started it, what attracted you to collecting it, is it out of control, or do you still want more! lol and photo's are always a bonus!

I collect 'Black Amethyst' AKA Depression glass, AKA Carnivol glass.


It looks like black glass but when held up to the light it shows that is is actually dark purple. I found my first piece 10 years ago when I was at an antique shop in Door County Wisconsin and I have been collecting it ever since. I like the unusual pieces and they have to be very old, from what I understand it is the least mass produced depression glass, so finding it is indeed rare, but I love the hunt!  I shop antique stores and malls, yard sales, flea markets and eBay! So far I have two favorite is of a butterfly that has a rainbow effect on it as it sits on its black amethyst stand and the other piece is from the 'art deco' period with a naked woman coming up out of the surf......I know true Auquarian! lol


You can either leave a link to your journal entry in my comment section or find the post of the  journaling boards and leave you link there for other's to view!


  Close up of how it looks (unlit from behind)


 Close up (lit from behind)


madcobug said...

Love your depression glass collection. I myself do not have a collection of anything. Hope your son's finger will be ok. Helen

rlspina said...

I could use a happy thread!
I have collected many things through out my life-feel good things.
Since my mom died in oct.2000 I have been collecting dolls.  
Actually it began while my mom was dying;  I placed a phone order for over $1000. worth of American girl dolls and stuff and charged it on my moms bank credit, fully intending to pay her back.
This urge to play with dolls could be hidden under my 5 year old daughters desires.  She helped me pick things out and we waited for the UPS man daily.
We placed lots of orders, in lots of places.
Anyway, when I was a young girl I had three dolls; Thumbelina, Chatty Cathy and Kissy.  I still have them, but now I needed more; I was losing my mommy.
I wanted my mom to buy me a doll before she died, and she did (she was in a coma so she was unaware, but I told her anyway), everyone I wanted and a few extra.  After she died and I was closing her accounts and stuff I realized that she had credit protection and her account was paid off.  What a gift.
visit my journal and see them with me in the car.

It didn't fill the hole my mom's passing left in my life but it sure cluttered up my bedroom.
Here is a photo of me with my favorite dolls.  Rosie and Nellie-Michelle, I take them with me when I travel or just feel blue.  Strange? Ya, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

hadonfield78 said...

All I ever seem to collect, is bills, bills, bills..........

awen1122 said...

Ohhhh, thats SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!

mzgoochi said...

I AM SO PISSED!!!!!!!!

I wanted to do this and guess what, neither of my cameras want to participate. :(

Lahoma....still pissed!

jmorancoyle said...

    Your glass is so cool. So beautiful. I like the idea of collecting, and I do have one. I will write about it in a later entry, and I will be sure to stop by your boards and drop a link.