Friday, September 2, 2005

Doctor said.......Momma said Ü

OK, Back from the Orthopedic Surgeons office.....He said, "It's broke!" OK, Tell this Momma something that I didn't already know! lol Because of lil Jimmy's age (13.....God help me!) it will heal in a matter of two weeks.......just two weeks?? And did he have to say that in front of the boy?? I could have embellished it when I told Little Jimmy, something along the lines of.......Doctor said, "Your out for the season and to maybe take up swimming instead!" Of course I wouldn't let him be a high diver or anything! lol  ( Oh!.... Hadonfield ..... I know I have to  let him take his lumps...he's a boy and it will make him stronger..... But I don't wanna watch him get the lumps! lol)

Well, back to what the Doctor said.......Two week follow up appointment with new long as Jimmy follows the Doctors advice about "NO SPORTS WHAT SO EVER" he will heal fine....if he is half as stubborn as his Daddy and plays threw it, he might run the risk of having to have surgery and have pins added to his list of injuries........week one of foot ball practice (1) Lil Jimmy (Zero)..........Momma needs a therapy!

Jimmy now knows that this is serious, He can't even practice his Archery and that will kill him for sure........he planned on Hunting this fall with Dad, good news though it won't prohibit his fishing! He of course had to prove that to me last night in the front yard with casting and reeling and trying to snag his sister and a few of her "hot" girl friends as he put it........BOYS/MEN.... the things they think up when trying to impress a's a wonder they get dates at all at that age.....not that he's dating at 13......Momma told him, "Girls are even more dangerous than football buddy!"  lol lol lol

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