Friday, September 30, 2005

Some of the 7 questions answered (series)

I've been tagged by the 'everything in 7 questions' tag thingy that has been going around......I was tagged a lot, but I kept putting it off and putting it off....writers block, dementia or was it just plain old demented?? it's hell getting old!

So here's my list of 7's....................

Seven Things I plan to do before I die:

Hmmmm, I seem to remember doing a journal entry on this a long time ago...I'm going to peek and see what is still left on that list to do  before I become a glitter and ash mix.......oh bad idea...never go back and read old's much like viewing yourself in pictures.....the cringe factor! lol so I'm winging it! lol

1) Art class......I am hoping there is a latent talent just waiting to spring forth under the guidance of a very patient and loving art teacher. I want to see if I can paint....any medium, I'm not that picky and if I can't paint with some kind of talent I can always go back to finger painting.......right?? lol

2) Hot Air Balloon ride.....they offer them out here in the Midwest, I want to take the sunrise ride with a glass of Mimosa and a basket full of croissants! Hubby and camera in hand of course! lol

3) I hope to have held and know well a great grandbaby or two before  I make a departure of this life and begin my next life....searching for Jim again. I have always felt this deep connection to this man, that I have known and loved him long before I met him.....he thinks I'm nuts, but then again can ya blame him?? lol

4) Vacation across the great pond and stay in an old castle.......hmmmm maybe another link to my past huh? I love the renaissance period, but I'm sure I would of detested the chamber pot! lol

5) Visit all the national monuments and wonders of America ...... I think I would be patient to even take this trip my automobile now ..... I'm mellowing in my old age and the thought of a country wide road trip isn't freaking the hell outta me so much anymore! lol

6) Live alone with just my Jim.......I know for most thisdoesn't compute, but you see we came together with children and then added more to our brood, and plus I still adore him after all this time so of course this would be on my list of 7 things to do before I die.....our children are spaced our first two are 19 and 22...then the stragglers are 13 and it seems we have raised two families over 2 decades and that's alot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...let me tell you! lol

7) I want to sit on a huge southern wrap around porch, preferably my own someday and spend  hours upon hours telling the stories of my heritage, that were passed down to me from my paternal grandmother......I want to pass the stories down so the next generations can pass along the 'tellings' We are a raucous, rowdy and sometimes raunchy bunch of Irish men and women and boy are there some good tellings that have been passed from one generation to the next! lol There was this

OK, Tomorrow's installment will be.......

Seven things I can do:


plieck30 said...

Amen to number six. Its not as if you'll never see those kids again. Paula

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sdoscher458 said...

Love your list...especially the part about the old stories...just write about them...Sandi

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sunnyside46 said...

porch stories, you've got me entranced there