Monday, September 19, 2005

A student of human behavior

I am a perpetual student of human behavior.......I can't help it, it's my nature. Sometimes I am happy and over joyed with what I witness and sometimes I am just appalled. can loose it faster than your virginity and it will be as long gone as what is left of Jimmy Hoffa.

Respect is not something someone can take away from you, it is only driven away by your own deeds. It doesn't matter how smart you are, how well liked you are or how good looking you are, do something mean and spiteful and you loose all's a terrible thing to waste.

It saddens me to see and meet people with such potential to be great or to make a difference in their world, then they do something that is just "so wrong" that no matter how brilliant they are, or how many things that they might of done good in their past, it is instantly erased when you loose the respect and credibility of your peers.  I know everybody has a bad day now and then, but....... how many bad days are you allowed before you or everyone else has realizes it's not the situation it is the person in the situation? Credibility is also quickly lost. And I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but a person that habitually causes harm instead of good, no longer has a place in my life. With love, trust is most important, but with humanity I think respect is.

I seem to be off in a tirade over something that has nothing to do with me, but obviously I felt passionate enough to journal about it, I think because this kind of adult behavior shocks me the most. I wonder how many people would cringe, and I mean just CRINGE if they ever saw a video tape of some of their behavior. Or how embarrassed they would be, if they witnessed their own child behaving in such a manner. We tell our kids to not sink to the level of their tormentors and bullies, but I have witnesses many parents do just that.....What is up with that? Sometimes all it takes is to see one person treating another person badly and it's a wake up call to me to 'Check myself' and my own behavior towards other people.

What I am not including in this is.... the younger generations, we all know that is the time bad judgment is often the culprit and at that time in a young persons life, IS the time to make mistakes and learn from them, but with the 30 something and older crowd, their time for bad choices should be few and far between. Maybe I just don't get it......maybe I am vastly different from my peers. I don't believe in deliberately going out and harming someone, mentally or physically just to make myself feel better. I would much rather do the work on myself in improving who I am then going around deliberately looking for faults in other peoples lives. I only comment on things that I have already addressed and fixed in my own personal growth.

Even as an adult I run across child "Bullies" who masquerade as adults and I wonder, what evil happened in their own upbringing that brought out the beast in them? That is truly my first is only after they have trespassed against me so to speak, more than a couple of times, that I begin to stop pitying them and start ignoring them. I am not perfect.... sometimes I bite back, but it takes a lot to make do that......unless your messing with one of my kids of course.

It is easy to ignore mean, bitter people.........if they mean 'nothing' to me or my life, then their opinion of me means...... even less. They didn't make me and they certainly can't break me.....I am the only one who can take down myself and I try to live my life by doing nothing today that I might have to apologize for tomorrow. And for God sakes better examples for you children! For one day you will get that wake up call and wonder what the hell happened!


psychfun said...

Ya, one does have to remember that they may not have had the good examples in their life growing up to know better. We also always think it is their personality (disposition) when it may be more situational. Of course when it is us it is situational...someone or something caused us to be pissy or viewed by others as a bully. One person's definition of assertiveness is another's bully. Of course women are "B's" if they are assertive & doing what a man would do! Ugh! Compassion should always be there but it doesn't mean you have to accept or take it. You can understand but no the limits of harm. The problem is there are so many people on this planet that at any given moment there is still a huge number of people who may be effected by someone else's abuse or being "hormonal" (Ha!) or tired ETC, ETC, ETC!

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heathyrxmarie said...

Great Entry Kim!

ashleekr said...

Great entry, Kim.  Somebody must have rubbed you the wrong way - and you are so right about all of that!  Not to change the subject, but still waiting on part 2 of the "first year of marriage" entry - you can't leave us hanging like that - LOL.  Love, Ashlee

sdoscher458 said...

I agree with your statement that it's easy to ignore hits against yourself but I find it very hard to ignore when it is against someone you care for....Sandi

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