Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Married life with Jell-o....finale

Flash back to my first year of marriage      (continued)

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Married life with jell-o


My first year is also the time that I had to start fighting fairly too....no more big blows ups over frivolous things and no walking out the door saying over my shoulder "I don't need this!" I had to learn to get my point across then be still enough to allow him the same curtesy and then still make him think I was right! lol....it's a gift! what can I say? lol

It is also the year that I went from a 3 bathroom house to a 1 bathroom house....for most of you that is no big deal, but when you spend the next two years of your life pregnant, getting to the bathroom on time is a very big deal! When we finally did buy "our house to raise the kids in" I made sure we were back to a 3 bathroom house.......6 people, one house.....you do the math.....bathrooms are a very big deal! lol
And spending most of our first  year of marriage pregnant was not so wonderful, I didn't have morning sickness........I had morning, noon and night sickness...another reason more than one bathroom was not considered a luxury it was considered a necessity! The smell of everything made me run for the porcelain pot! lol I had lost almost 20 pounds my first 5 months of pregnancy.....that is not a good thing to do when were only 115 pounds to begin with and you were supposed to be putting on weight! But no worries.......I soon made up for what I lost and then some! lol

Doing everything my way from when I was a single pregnant woman and Mom with my first daughter and then having to now do everything as a couple was a small challenge for me too. I had very different ideas about everything from running my home and raising the kids, even trying to come up with baby names we both could agree on was difficult. As a single pregnant woman with my first child I didn't have to worry about that and even though it was so sweet to finally be doing life the way it was supposed to be done instead of relying on my own improvisational skills, I found it kinda frustrating too that I had conform to being a wife now. I couldn't come and go as I pleased....you have to be more courteous when you are married if you want that in return.

This first year I continued to work even though I didn't have the need to anymore, but I had a difficult time giving up my "own" income. By this time I was working for a national Real Estate firm as a Relocation Director and I wasn't sure I wanted to be a stay at home Mom. I was lucky enough to spend my first daughters entire year at home with her, then it was back into the work force. It wasn't until I conceived another child (the 4th to the mix) just shortly after our one year anniversary that decided to be that stay at home Mom.

That first year of marriage was life changing for sure, we had to learn how to balance each other out, plus parent the two kids we both brought into the marriage while making room for "Our" first child together. we had many obstacles to over come, but when you 'want' to be with someone....nothing can keep you from over coming them......not even the first wife! ;) lol


madcobug said...

Sounds like you had a very hectic time with all those pregnancies, poor thing. Good thing you were married to your long time love. Helen

gdireneoe said...

I feel your pain on the any time of the day sickness thing.  I lost 22 pounds with my first.  He popped out a strapping 8lbs11.5oz, and I weighed less after he was born than I did before he was born...and that was when I was slender! ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

ashleekr said...

Glad to hear the first year of marriage is not just an adjustment for ME.  I had some kind of idea in my head that everything was going to be the perfect fairy tale- 6 months into it, I am finding out that it is a WHOLE lot of give and take, learning to bite your tongue (which I have NEVER been good at), and compromise.  But you are SO right, if you love someone it is all worth it!

sdoscher458 said...

Oh how I remember the days...you really had a lot on your plate, but you guys made it. That says alot for your union, its made it stronger...Sandi