Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer Wind

When I get my mind set on something, it is with great care and great thought. When I shop I have learned to walk around the store with the item I think I HAVE to have and usually in the end, I place it back to where I picked it up from. (I'm not the type to just lay it down where I stand)

This pretty much curbs my impulse buying. If I am still thinking about it the next day or so then I know it wasn't an impulse 'have to have it right now kinda thingy,' it is something that I really want or need. Now for the part that will put some gray hairs on my Husbands head for sure! I want my own motorcycle........I have been mulling it around for the last couple of years and I still want one. I was always drawn to feel of a bike, I love the wind through my hair and the cool summer nights on my skin and unfortunately I have the kind of hair that actually looks better AFTER I get OFF the back of a bike......(anybody know of a really good blow dryer turbo wind type?? lol)

When Jim and I first started dating we used to be able to sneak out after my daughter was already asleep for the night, (Grandma lived right upstairs and baby monitors were a blessing for sure!) and we would go for these wonderful night rides. Usually an 'off the beaten path' kind of road through the woods where you could feel the temperature drop at least 10 degrees. Most of my late teenage years and young adult years were on the back of a bike. Even when I was a teenager maybe 17, I used to sneak my brother's Harley out (This is where any guilt ridden lil sister would apologize but I can't! Cuz I'm not sorry! lol) when I knew he was out for the night with his car and ride all by myself.

Jim felt it was necessary to give up the bike when the responsibilities of parenting came along. He still doesn't feel the need to get one now that the kids are growing up, he says there are too many irresponsible drivers out there and it would take one idiot, to change our life completely.........I know in my heart he is right but the pull of the bike is tugging hard on me now. I would be perfectly happy on the back of his bike again or one of my own. 2 of my girlfriends just completed getting their motorcycle license and another one is considering getting her own now would make for a very interesting GIRLZ NIGHT OUT for sure! lol

Mid-life crisis?? who knows!........but at least I don't want a new corvette and a boyfriend right????


dornbrau said...

Good luck with your dream. If not, you could join Dickidoo in the 'I Wish I Had A Harley' club and ride around on little dirt bikes with cards clipped to the spokes for sound effects!

dornbrau said...

p.s.  You know, the term 'summer wind' has an entirely different meaning at my house!

sieblonde said...

For my mid-life crises I bought a divorce and a pool.   lol.  You're brave, motorcycles scare me.  ~Sie

astralasterisk said...

Saw a gorgeous blonde the other day transported by a Harley, clad in a bikini top, jeans and a huge strap of silver aroungd her neck...she looked like you ...I say "GO FOR IT!" We only live once ...what about leasing one to make sure it is not a passing fancy...courtenay

sunnyside46 said...

there is a reason for our dreams
life is short
go for it

lazarai said...

I'm with you on this one, Kim! I have ALWAYS wanted a Harley - spent years riding on the back of one before the age of 25. Once I moved to Florida, though, and saw all the old farts out there on the roads, cutting people off, running other driver's off the road, or even worse, mowing them down and killing them, I knew I had to give up the dream....or move again.

Maybe someday, after the kids are on their own, we'll move somewhere else and ride Harleys.

Still dreamin',

brandyp0509 said...

I would definitely go with the cycle over the corvette and boyfriend, lol. My dad rode a Harley so for the first few short years of my life majority were spent on a cycle and I still love them to this day. I have always said as soon as mine are older and self-sufficient (as if this will ever, ever happen, lol) both Beau and I will get one and just ride! Luv ya, Brandy