Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Artistically Stalled

Oh, I'm ripe for a new adventure! I feel as if I am stalled artistically, I wander around J-land and visit areas beautifully captured through someone's camera lens and a twinge of jealousy stirs from somewhere deep. I find that kind of weird in its own way, I've never been a jealous person, I learned along time ago, to be satisfied with what's in front of me, even in love I am not a jealous person, both of us know of the love that binds us.

Summer vacation started last week for my two youngest children and now that I have adjusted to that, I can feel wanderlust taking it's hold on me, I want to go somewhere I have not traveled before, see things that my eyes have not had the pleasure to rest upon. It's not that I don't have the ability to find beauty where ever I am at, I just need a change. The old barns and farms are no longer calling my name, even the woods have lost their appeal to me with their rich browns and greens and shadows.

I know myself and my cycles well enough to know, it's time for my camera. I do not feel the pull to write at this moment, or the need to shop, or the need to throw myself into finding and becoming consumed in a new study, and I am sad to say my family is still waiting for cycle of cooking and cleaning to hit with a lunatic fringe. Although I do hear the laundry whispering, "Don't ignore me I know you can see me!" LOL It's a good thing I have a shop cycle and my kids have enough clothes to clothe a small country, but that just means the dirty laundry pile can get as large as a small country and eventually I will be spending a lot of time hidden from view in the laundry room. (someday)

If it weren't for obligations I made for the rest of June, I would be packing up my youngest two and hit the open road! I need a change of scenery, I need to see some things that my current location can't offer me. Hmmmmmm......... I better check the calendar and see what July looks like, maybe I can pencil in a road trip after all!

Until next time!



brandyp0509 said...

I have my summer adventure planned out all ready, lol.  I have to leave this place at least once a year or I will go stark raving mad.  So as usual we have chosen one of our favorite places to go, Arkanasa, very beautiful there and tons of photo opps.  Well, I hope you guys take a great adventure so I can read all about it! Brandy

sunnyside46 said...

enjoy your journey
i had mine & I am so glad to be home!
Don't you just love summer?