Saturday, June 25, 2005

Playing catch up

Last few days went by with me running at warp speed........I hate stress but seem to thrive on chaos and when things go too smoothly I always seem to expect Murphy's Law to come along and bust me!

Rachel had her last scheduled singing appearance on Thursday night, She sang the National Anthem for a summer concert series in another town, and then she was asked to perform another song and she did wonderfully. We ran into the Publisher of the suburban newspapers around Chicago and he was happy to have been able see her perform again. (He was in the show with her this past April and really was impressed with her) He had his Mother visiting from the Quad Cities and wanted to know if Rachel had made her CD yet, and due to a sinus infection in April, cauterization of bleeders in her nose in June and another battle with allergies and a sinus infection we have had to put her CD on hold. The good news is he gave me his business card and wants to publisher her when the CD is finished! Not a bad connection huh?

Now on to Amanda, When I went to pick up Rachel's latest prescription Amanda's birth control patch was ready to be picked up looking at the bigger picture is even though I am upset with her current situation I do not want to run the risk of an unexpected pregnancy for her, so I picked it up for her and called her to tell her I had it and asked where she would like me to drop it off. She didn't sound well......when I pulled up to meet her I could tell she was she has upset me and disappointed me with her slow to grow up attitude but I can not let my baby be out on the street when she is sick.......putting our problems to the side I got her medical help, she has a respiratory infection and in this 95 + degree weather the last thing she needed was to be homeless.......She is home temporarily until she is well enough to continue her lesson on fending for herself. I am still flying by the seat of my pants on this one but as with all parenting, you never know if you are doing the right thing or not, until they are grown and on their own and you can actually witness how your parenting skills are being put to use with them as adults.

Funny how when your 20 something and contemplating starting a family or not, the issues you look at are you loss of personal freedom, child care options, possible sleep deprivation and all the wonderful Pink and blue thoughts that go with it, but I for one NEVER fast forwarded to the teen years! If I would of reflected for just a few moments on the ugliest of my teenage years and what I put my own parents through I just might have stuck to my original plans of PUPPIES....NO KIDS! lol

I just have to stick to my daily mantra......"My grandchildren will not only be my reward but also my revenge!" I find total peace in knowing that!

PS - Went to a wedding last night,but I'll save that for another entry!

Until next time!


imshadowraven2 said...

thank you for catching me on ur hectic life its good to see im not alone........Robin

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sunnyside46 said...

when they need love most is when they deserve it the least...that is why we are there for them!

paisleyskys said...

Weird as it all falls you just taught your daughter one of the most greatest lessons of life there is "You are loved unconditionally"
She knows that it will get back to that stand off again when she's back into her youthful, spiteful spirit.....
She has just been reinforced that for her mom THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT BEING RIGHT!
If you know what I mean.
Hang in...

Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.

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