Monday, June 13, 2005

Mother like Daughter??? lol


                                              Future Diva? Say it ain't so!


I think I have a full fledged Diva on my hands........I guess she didn't get the memo about only being one Diva, per house and this house already has one?.................ME!

Yesterday Rachel had another show along with an attitude, I can't hold her solely responsible, things did not go as planned by the woman who owns the dance studio and who ran the recital either. We agreed that there would be no payment for Rachel to sing, but that she would have a costume ordered and made in New York........I carefully took Rachel's measurements and phoned them in and in the end no costume, so I'm thinking that's OK it's 'exposure' to who knows what or who right?........right? She was to perform the opening, the intermission and then close the show, she was booked for this performance 9 months ago, so is she even listed as a performer in the program... Nope! Not one mention of her, and I was given a lame reason as to why, she wanted her to be a surprise! I can see if Rachel's name was a household word but it's not, so how could putting her name in the program, be a give away? Not only that, she changed her songs, and her line up! She took out a song of Rachel's because she just realized the song was already in one of the dance numbers.

In the mean time I was still dealing with the new emerging lil Diva and ummmmm I don't like it! LOL I don't know if it was because I let her cousin (best friend) and her cousins boyfriend come along and she was just trying on the angst of being a 14 year old girl, but I encouraged her for the past few weeks to practice, EVERYBODY  has to practice and I was given the 'Your turning into a stage mother' evil eye and she never threw her heart into practicing, and where did that show up..........why on stage of course! She gave an outstanding performance on the National Anthem, She was told on Thursday that they wanted her to sing amazing grace and she had to learn 2 more verses of Amazing Grace, she new the first verse forward and backward, it was the first song she learned at the age of 4, all her performances were to be a cappella so she had to get the right phrasing to the right melody that played in her head, she nailed the first one (of course) messed up on the second one (but continued) and did fine with the last verse and repeat of the first verse to end the song. Her finale.......Traveln' Soldier another song she knows in her sleep, but sang the 3rd verse twice then ended the song with the correct chorus but forgot to sing the 4 (most important part of the story) verse....She's a kid, she's never had lessons, I know she's going to make mistakes, that's a given, but then give her Momma attitude??????I don't think so! Like I said only one Diva in this house and that's me! LOL

If I wasn't told repeatedly by this Child, "Mom I know what I'm doing leave me alone already!" I would not have been so taken a back with the mess ups.........and the last thing I want to become is a "Stage Mother" Singing in public is something Rachel wants, not Mom, it's a lot of work and traveling for me and that takes me away from my other duties as Mom to our other children, But I had to remind that child if you really want it, and I mean really want it you still have to work for it, even when you've been given the gift of natural born talent! I'm so glad this past week is over, now only one song is necessary for her Father's Day appearance at another towns summer bash and then 2 songs for a performance at another towns function at the end of the month, then it's back to being a normal kid...........whewwwwww lot's of pressure! yikessss! lol


happysunshien said...

My diva is 13 going 40 and man they do try your patience sometimes! Keep taking deep breaths!


brandyp0509 said...

I too go through the Diva fight with my own here, lol.  They just don't get it do they, were it not for us supreme divas they would be nonexistent, lol.  As far as the performance, it's because she was being mean to her momma, j/k or maybe not, who knows with me anymore! She is a beauty though and I do see momma in the picture!  Brandy

lioneyes4you said...

This is the first time I think I have seen a pic of the other diva in your journal...a beautiful face to go with that beautiful voice. If she works hard she will go very far.

peteh78 said...

She's gonna be ok. Just love her Mom. Make her ask for your advise 'cause it sounds to me like you are crowding her a bit. She'll do just fine.

sunnyside46 said...

I feel your pain!
It is so hard to go from being the center of their existence to a seat on the periphery.