Monday, April 9, 2007

Soap Box, High Horse? WHATEVER!!!! lol lol lol

Well, today I should hear the results of the PET Scan....the waiting is killing me (not sure if a cancer patient should use that term anymore! lol kinda freaks everyone out! lol) When I have to sit and wait, I'm not doing anything else to combat this cancer....I wish I could have started a treatment already as soon as I found out about the new cancer last Monday.

I had a very insane week, I did cry at crazy times but mostly spent the week laughing with girlfriends....Friday after the PET Scan which ended at 2:00 p.m. we all went out till midnight....I must have laughed so much that I pulled a muscle in my left side chest wall....the rib hurts just below the new boob...I spent a very uncomfortable night trying to sleep and breath at the same has become even more painful and I will be talking to Dr. Serious (Onc) about it later the meantime I'm back on the vicodin.

I have also had a lot of time to think about other ways I can be proactive in buying more time here with my Jim and my kids. Most of our friends (lake friends) smoke.....the more they drink the more they smoke, so I made a decision that from now on I will never ever sit in the smoking section of a restaurant again.....a smoker can always leave the table and go to the bar and smoke....can you just see me the non smoker sitting down at a table of strangers seated in the non smoking section asking if I could sit with them for a few while my friends smoked through dinner and conversation? I said I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings but if they cannot go out to eat (which we all do a lot) and sit in the non-smoking section then please do not be offended if Jim and I decline the dinner invitation. He has never smoked and I quit 22 years ago.

They say an ex smoker is the most obnoxious...I am here to tell you that is the truth..I don't allow anyone to smoke in my home...if they are a guest in my home, they still have to smoke outside, no one is allowed to smoke in my vehicles...I have always refused for my kids to be driven anywhere with someone who thank you I will drive them and pick them up. I now know that my lungs are compromised and I'm not taking anymore chances....we all now smoking is hazardous to your health, it's on the damn packages...well it's hazardous to my health too. ...just to let you know my Sister still has not had a cigarette since finding out that my cancer has now spread to my lungs....silver lining in everything I tell ya!.....Kelly, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!


rayne1123 said...

i am an ex smoker as well and i never let any one smoke in my car or home or around my kids.  if we go to some ones house that smokes i ask before we get there if they could open the windows and smoke out side for that kids have asthma and my family history with cancer to strong to allow any other way.  if people get offended then i just dont bother with them any more.
good luck with your results

sangrialel said...

Congrats to your sister.  It has been 6 years for me!  You are right about an ex smoker being the worst!  Linda

lanurseprn said...

I had forgotten that they still had smoking sections?  In California it's been illegal to smoke inside buildings anywhere for years.  Even in bars!  So they have patios for people to go out on.  I remember my town was the first to enact the ordinance on a local level and the local merchants had FITS!  Their theory was that the customers could go to the next city....which they did.  The council didn't back down.  Eventually, it became statewide.
I'm glad you are doing this...and congrats to your sister!

katie39041 said...

I hope everything goes ok with the PET scan. In the UK there bringing in no smoking laws for public places and enclosed areas.One of the UKs better laws. Well done to your sister on stopping smoking
love and hugs

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ann7inflorida said...

Hang tight Kim.... I know how much waiting sucks. I also know that ex smokers can be obnoxious as I am one, too and just like you, I don't let anyone smoke in my house or my car. Tough shit for them, the smell is too gross... lol.

I'm thinking of you ~Ann

candlejmr said...

Here in NJ there are no smoking sections anymore.  All public places are now NON SMOKING.  Maybe you should move here?? (lol!!)  Stick to your guns girlfriend!!!!!  


nhd106 said...

Please check out that "pulled" muscle or whatever w/ the doc.   Something similar happened to my mom...and it was misdiagnosed.  It was actually the tumor in her lung.


jerseygirlphotos said...

i'm not even a smoker and i'm obnoxious about no smoking around me, in my car, my house, not even in my garage! LOL  I do not want to smell smoke anywhere around me.  Here in NJ smoking has been banned from all restaurants and bars! I LOVE it.  what a difference.  In NY too.  Hopefully it will be nationwide soon.  

hsauls said...

Hang in there! Good news is coming... Ijust know it!

dwhee70041 said...

Smoking has been banned in Boulder for so long that it sounds funny to hear someone talk about a "smoking section".  Hope you make it a GREAT day.

ajquinn354 said...

Kim, let us know how yourresults go with the Pet Scan dear.  Sure the waiting isn't easy and that is understandable dear....but knowing you, you'll find the strength to get through the wait, you're one strong lady.  Sorry laughing so much pulled a muscle, maybe you should just go he, he, he from now on. LOL. Arlene (AJ)

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Praying for good new with the scan!  Big hugs,TerryAnn

rainy35 said...

Somking is banned in all the restaurants here unless they have a bar.  I'm not much of a drinker anyway.  If I do drink, I do it at home.  I hate going in places that allow smoke even if I'm in the non-smoking section unless it's a separate room with doors.  I'm praying for ya Kim.

mariebm56 said...

I lived with a smoker  & after living with him for so many years & finally asked him to smoke outside, which he was never happy about.  Then when my youngest was born 1 lb. 9 oz with premature lungs, smoking was banned in my home for even guests.  My kids developed asthmatic bronchitis from the smoking earlier in our marriage.  I want my kids away from smoke, but sometimes you cannot have control over everything.  After my divorced, my ex went back to smoking in his house & in the car when me kids are present & there is NOT a thing I can do about it.  They come home stinking of smoke.  I worry about them every time they go down there, because he is also an alcoholic.  And what he does in his house, I have no control over.  
NYS banned smoking in public places, including businesses, restaurants & bars, which is nice, but some places even get around that.  They should ban it from cars & in the company of children.
Finally....non-smokers are just starting to have some rights~

Hoping to hear good news about your scan.
Still praying for you....{{{HUGS}}}


scotthlori said...

Hey, ex-smoker here too ... I get around it sometimes I nearly gag ... I don't know how I ever did it!!



Who I am… underneath it all:

princesssaurora said...

I don't allow smoke in our home either!  And, I always sat in non smoking sections... but now all restaurants and public areas in NJ are smoke free!!  Yay!  

Keep us posted... praying...

be well,

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canyonsun04 said...

In Ohio, smoking is banned in public places, even bars. They have to go outside. And I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am4039 said...


bookncoffee said...

Hi there.  Stopping by again.  I don't blame you on the smoking thing.  You are right.  Anyone who has to light up can find either outside or the smoking section to do so.  No reason for you to have to sit thru it.

pharmolo said...

I never smoked, and do not others to smoke in the house or in the car. Period.

gandsbrock said...

I hope the results are good.  If you are obnoxious, then i must be too - and I've never smoked!  Good for you.  That second hand smoke is as bad as first hand.  And good for your sister too!  She should be proud of herself for quitting.

rbrown6172 said...

fingers crossed for good report.  i agree with you about the smoking.  stick to your guns!!  :)

thinkingoutloud said...


Love you!

wickedpink64 said...

Fingers crossed for PET scan results! And smoking is so... yesterday!!!


Wendy in Oz

irenemaeclark said...

Lord, you are my strength.  You alone are The Giver of Life and I place myself into Your care.  You are my protector.  You are my Healer.  Grant me O Lord your mercy.  Dry my tears and fill me with faith, remove all fear from me and from my family and friends...lead us to your fountain of everlasting life.  Add years to my life o Lord that I might serve your purpose.  Grant me courage to face each trial and to be an encourager to those around me.  Break the ugly head of cancer from it's cure to come forth.  Be our Deliverer from it's curse.  Embrace me with your peace, let it craddle me in your arms.  Grant me the words to express my love, to express my anger, cause the rage and fear to flee from me.  Loosen it's grip from me.  Deny it's hold upon my life.  Is anything to hard for The Lord?  He is Lord and I believe.  I will be in His loving care and under His watchful eye all of the days of my life.  He alone can number my days.  He alone can draw my last breath, or He can breath new life into me.  Breath on my O Lord, cause me to rejoice and to be blessed.  Let me be a blessing to those around me.  Lord, you are good.  I love you.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

lazarai said...

Good for you, Kimberleigh!! I am an obnoxious ex-smoker myself. I will not sit with anybody who is smoking, and luckily, in Florida nobody is allowed to smoke at a restaurant anyway. I don't allow smoking inside my house or cars or anywhere other than outside on the lanai. I quit a two-pack-a-day 27 year habit nearly 8 years ago. I know exactly where you're coming from. Hey, if Kelly likes to go online, tell her to check out I never would have been successful in my quit without it, and it's never too late to join!

Have a great day!!!
:) Carol

kirkbyj05 said...

From another do right Kim!  I can't bear the smell of smoke now as it makes me ill.  I gave up almost 16 years ago and I am now the world's worst ex-smoker.  No smokng in our home ever!  Folks who visit have to do it outside or wait until they leave.  Tough!  
I am so chuffed your sister has managed to give it up.
I'm praying hard for a good outcome from your results.  I just went for a bone scan myself yesterday so I'm sort of in the same boat as yourself.  I know.... it seems such and interminable wait between having it done and getting the results.
I am praying very hard for you and you are always on my mind too.   All the best to you 'Angel'.  God Bless.   Jeanie

sunnyside46 said...

my dear husband smokes like a chimney and I am so scared for him
No one ever smokes in our house or car . He is very considerate. I wish he would quit
good for you taking a stand.