Saturday, April 14, 2007

People who need People

When  you open yourself up to the universe, even at the risk of getting hurt what comes back to you can be glorious! Even with cancer my cup runneth over with love and joy at how as people we connect...there are reasons paths cross and people collide with each others lives.

Wednesday while waiting for a friends test to be finished at the hospital my cell phone rings and it's pre-operation/pre testing wanting to up date my current info and update my health records, I could only find one small area where I could get a good phone signal and a chair...this conversation took 23 minutes of my health history in a nutshell...I could see an older woman trying to read but also listening in on my phone conversation...when the call was over she informed me that she too is a BC Survivor but now at 4 years into it, it has returned and is all through her bones already...not a happy ending....we shared our stories, exchanged first names and both said we would pray for one another...Helen gave me the gift of knowing that my news about my reoccurrence was not as bad as hers....again proving that someone always has it rougher than you at any given you instant and amazing perspective.

My Second blessing that came to me that day was after finishing up at the hospital, my friend and I decided pancakes were in order, we go to a pancake house that neither one of us has been to before.(do you feel another collision of lives coming together for a purpose yet??) The hostess who is again older than myself seats us and my friend asks where the restrooms are located....(me the one with new hair growing in, her on the oxygen tank) As my friend walks away the hostess asks if she can know just what our illnesses being the open book tells her that I have cancer that apparently wasn't kicked and has now spread to my right lung and my GF has Pulmonary Fibrosis.

She asks if I am a religious person, I tell her no, but that I am a very spiritual person, she asks if I knew who Pope John Paul the Second was, I nod...she then tells me that before he became gravely ill he blessed (with Holy Water) a large amount of medals and people that have been praying to him with those medals have been healed, blessed, given what they were looking for as far as jobs, spouses....whatever they prayed for and now Pope John Paul is being considered for Sainthood....She then tells me she has been given a small number of these medals and this is the point that I ask her if there is anyway I could just hold one for a moment....

She tells me," No, Dolly I want you to have it, one for you and one for you friend!' and precedes to go to her purse to bring them to my table, now my friend returns from the bathroom and see's me quite moved and I explain quickly to her what had just taken place and I tell her do you see that how when you open yourself up to people how people respond and wonderful things  are shown to you...bestowed to you! The Hostess places a medal into both of our hands and while she is asking our names and full diagnosis to add us to the Catholic order of Nuns to pray for us monthly...I don't realize how tightly I am holding this medal until my hand starts to bleed because of my own fingernails digging into my skin...I was so moved that a total stranger cared enough about another total stranger to try and find a way to bring peace to my life.

The power of people helping people always amazes me and humbles me at the same time and I always try and stay open to all possibilities and find out just what encounters with total strangers are to bring to one another. Will this medal heal me? I have no idea.....but the peace just holding that medal in my hand brings me washes over my heart and my soul....whatever my outcome, I have had a very blessed life and I am thankful!


hsauls said...

I agree... that it is only when we are truly humbled that we find the "humane" part of humanity. Sharing your life, being open to what others have to say, is a rare gift. Treasure it!
And... get well!

mariebm56 said...

You have been blessed, Kim~
She touched your life & you've touched ours~
You're in my prayers~

ajquinn354 said...

Kim, isn't it amazing how our paths cross with people we never met but, somehow are meant to meet like the lady at the hospital or the woman at the pancake house.  How touching to get the medals blessed by Pope John Paul the 2nd. That really touched my heart hearing that.....Pope John Paul the 2nd and I are (not were, he's always with me) father looked so much like him that he was called Pope.  May the medals he blessed be the health blessings you and your friend need for a good, long life filled with love, health and happiness always......Arlene (AJ)

stupidsheetguy said...

I love it when people connect at the most basic level: our emotion. When people need others, the guard is down, the inhibitions are put to rest, and as a result, I think it brings out the best in others. The Beatles made it sound corny now, but all we really need is love.


nhd106 said...

It takes a special person to be open to these blessings.  I'm glad you were.  

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plieck30 said...

A very touching story. Paula

kirkbyj05 said...

What a very moving story Kim.  I don't always use my rosary every night but I will from now on. It was given to me by a very loveable Dubliner friend and colleague of mine who died of cancer. I reckon he wants me to work hard on the beads for your sake. You are a very special young woman Kim.  Keep those conduits and connections wide open for more of the same kind of paths to cross dear girl.   I have always believed there is a reason for everything.  We would never have known Helen through you and now we can pray for her relief too.  God Bless you Kim and Helen, and your girlfriend too.    

nana0014 said...

Awww... thank you for sharing this story with us. Some people are truly amazing aren't they.. just think how the world would be if we were all that way.
Take care, Chrissie

tendernoggle said...

Don't you realize that you both going together to that pancake house was no accident??? The very fact that your hostess was there with the medals...and that she gave them to you...well...Kim...I think there is a reason for everything...God bless you sweetheart...
love ,

sdoscher458 said...

Oh, hon the world is a small place. I think you were meant to be at that place just at this point in your life. Bless that lady for sharing and caring...prayer does count and it does help....Sandi

wickedpink64 said...

WOW! That makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! WOW!


Wendy in Oz

siennastarr said...


canyonsun04 said...

YOur right! The power of people is one of the strongest powers of all time.  Just amazing. I love people, very deeply and I just LOVED this entry. Amazing. Always keep that medal, you never know once your healed for good, someone may need it passed along :)

psychfun said...

Oh girl I'm soooo glad you had this experience AND you shared it with us! That happened for a you can tell this story later! :-) That is just so powerful & Amazing but not in a way you know. It is called FAITH! And at a Pancake House no less! HA! Maybe he blessed some medals so that the calories & sugar will have no effect! HA! I want that medal! ;-)

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sunnyside46 said...

blessings bring send out so much good ,it is reflected back to you

thinkingoutloud said...


You best hold on to that medal and keep it with you.
I'm not super religious(I was raised a Catholic), but I do know that Pope John Paul had it going 'on' while he was on earth.
I have heard of many that were healed by him and I believe this will speed up his "Sainthood" title.
I have tons of Hope but I also Believe.

Blessings & love 2u,

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lanurseprn said...

Wow what a story!!

princesssaurora said...

I have a rosary blessed by him... I touch it every night...

Amazing... praying for you!!!

be well,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

That is wonderful!!!!
Many hugs and prayers

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pprrrr39 said...

What a wonderful story, it just shows you how strangers can touch our lives. How very kind of her to share those with you both

witcheycat11 said...

Dearest Kim:

It is heart wrenching reading of your continuing battle with cancer.  Some of your entries scared me, some of them delighted me and made me laugh.  So many emotions come to the surface.  I too have breast cancer and just finishing up with six weeks of radiation.  Next comes meeting with oncologist for hormone treatment.  I am fortunate in that I'm told my prognosis is good, so at this time not facing the fear.  The hardest part in being diagnosed with cancer is the impact it has on your family and those that love you.  But aren't we lucky to have people that love us.  During and after my surgery I've seen so many people fighting the battle without any loved ones there to nourish and support them.  I hope you'll forgive me if I say that I hope your sister and SIL go jump in a lake.  Until they themselves are faced with a devastating illness will they ever be cognizant of what you are experiencing.  Keep the medal I believe in prayer and I pray that God will give you the strength needed to endure.  

God Bless, Carol

ricealbny said...

Your blog has really touched me. Cancer took my boyfriend at the age of 47. I walked through it until the very end.
I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts.
I also have one sister out of 5 that I would not be friends with if we weren't kin. It is very hard to act like a sister to her. She also lives next door..........yuk !!!!!!
Don't give up and keep up your blog.
You never know who you are being a blessing to.
A new friend,
Martha Rice