Thursday, March 10, 2005

Some stuff I still gotta do! Ü

I still have a huge list of things I want and/or need to do before I get to old to enjoy any of it! Here is just a few things that are at the top of the list.

One of these days I will actually sign up for an art class and really see if there is a latent talent for painting hidden somewhere deep inside me (I'm hoping this is true of course!) I'm kinda on the artsy side and some of the things that pertain to it come naturally to me...I'm just afraid to find out that I can't paint and then this secret hope that I can paint will be gone forever........What a bubble burster that will be!

I still want to get my nose pierced, YES I SAID I WANT MY NOSE PIERCED! But Hubby is still reeling over the tattoo I had strategically placed on my posterior of a Kelly Green four leaf clover 8 years ago, I really think he would either put me in a hospital for "rest" or sign me up for a freak show if I actually do get my nose pierced. I'm not looking to sell marketing space on ebay with a shingle hanging from my nose, I just want a really teeny tiny marcasite stone, no bigger than a freckle as my preferred choice of nose jewelry.

I still have a long list of things around America I want to see, I want to take the kids and go see Mount Rushmore, I want to run around the Redwood Forest up in Northern California, I want to Balloon Ride over the Grand Canyon, and I still want to vacation in an old spooky castle! My list of things that I have already experienced from this Wish List is, I have swam in both of the surrounding oceans, I have crawled around the catskill mountains, I have seen Niagra Falls, I have lived in another country (England), and I have cruised down to Mexico, I have been to Sin City and sinned just a little and I have walked in the desert and I have gone cave exploring. I used to want to go scuba diving and wander around the underwater world, but the thought of me now in a wet suite, would depress me for the rest of my life! Nope...just can't even go there in my mind!

Now on a more personal level I can't wait to live alone with my Husband! Since we both came into our relationship with 2 small children, and then adding 2 of our own, we have yet to be alone. It's hard to call what we did "Dating" because who actually dates with two children tagging along? We are soooooooo looking forward to being able to be completely, utterly alone! It almost makes me blush at the thought of it! But then again I'm not a blushing kinda gal!

Oh the possibilities!


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dornbrau said...

My husband and I do a lot of dating, even now.  The kids fuss sometimes at the thought of being left behind but when I mention that there will be a lot of hand holding and kissing they get grossed out and stay home willingly.  Heres hoping you get to do everything on your 'To Do' list.

riverdaughter196 said...

I would love to do the things on your list of things around America you want to see.  I've always wanted to see those places too.  A lot of my friends are getting their noses pierced.  It seems to be the "in" thing right now.

imshadowraven2 said...

Well deary if anyone can pull all those things off it's you. as for the art i have know doubts u will excel with it. have a great time trying

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maidothemist said...

Ooh now that IS a good list .. I am blushing too.. and envious- LOL ~Sooz

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astaryth said...

Get out there... Take that art class... do all of those things... AND look forward to having your Hubby to yourself. All of your To do and been done list look great. I have a list a lot like that myself, and I need to do just what I said to you... Just Do It! <g>

kathlyna22 said...

screw it!
Get your nose pierced!
I have waited forever to do so
And its cute, plus you can always just take it out!
Go for it!!

tiffanburn said...

I am 25 with two small children.  They are 2 and 4.  It is never to late to start enjoying things.  I have been married 8 years.  I married when I was 16, my husband is supportive in me doing things a little off the wall.  I had my nose pierced 3 days ago.  I have the smallest stud available.  I think you should do it, if he loves you, it won't matter anyway.  My husband was wiery, he says he thinks it is rather sexy, now, now that it is in!