Friday, March 11, 2005

Big Fun.......Tonight

I am soooo excited! I just can't hide and I know, I know, I know that I want..........Japanese food.........lalalalalala

It's another one of my girlfriend's birthday's and us along with 5 other couples are going to my favorite Japanese Restaurant. The food is prepared like a beautifully orchestrated performance, Everything is prepared for you right there at your hibachi table served in courses. The chef chops and dices at the spead of light, flips shrimp into your mouth like your a seal begging at a water show and can flip an egg over and over without cracking it, to then only turn the cooking tool on the side balanced perfectly over the soon to be pork fried rice and adds the contents of the egg. The Sushi is always fresh (not that I will try it.....nope.... never...I don't even like cook fish let alone raw.......yikesssss!) The saki is always........interesting... and the yolk sauce that you can request for your lobster and shrimp is enough to give you an......(not going there! lol)

The second best part of the night is the karaoke bar, after knocking back some Saki and some Kirin beer (16 oz bottle of beer?) and a meal so satisfying that you'll want to tell everyone you know about the place, then it's off to see who can embarrass themselves the most in the karaoke bar! Sometimes we win hands down and sometime you think that "other" person makes you sound GOOD!!!! lol

This is our last group off friends that have yet to experience Japanese food at it's finest here in the Burbs of Chicago. The first time we found it was by complete accident......It was New Years Eve and of course we waited to long to make any reservations, so me AKA Sara Bernhardt, (Silent screen star) except that I am no where near the silent type, bluffed our way into prime time dinner reservations at 7:00 P.M. for a party of 10! I gave that old "What do you mean you don't have me down on your list? I made this reservation 3 weeks ago! (this always works! Nobody wants to see me mad AND loud!!!! lol) bad!

We had basically taken over the kareoke machine by the end of the night and finally after spending almost 7 hours between the dinner and the bar, the Bartender came out from behind the bar and ripped the microphone out of my hand, and I was right at the beginning of my tribute to Sinatra's "My kind of town Chicago is" and said to me, (pardon my bad impression of the Japanese dialect on the English laanguage) "Bloss say you no more sing!!!!!! Bloss say you go home now!" where I proceeded to rip the microphone back out of this mans hands and said, "You tell bloss I said NO! You tell bloss he goes home now!!!!" Needless to say I never got to finish my song.........lmaooooooo

Apparently my daughter didn't get her beautiful gift of song from me, but I don't care.......we had a blast!!!!!! And I woke up the next morning with tiny little colorful drink umbrella's stuck in my hair!!! Ha Ha Ha...My so called friends!!!! And my Husband let me walk around like that all night for how long?????

And since I either have no sense or no shame, I continue to bring new friends for the great Japanese food and atmosphere and I think the "Bloss" loves me now! lol


mjsluvnest said...

I am inviting you to my birthday party this year. You and all your fun friends. I absolutely love reading about fun and happy times with the people you love and cherish. Your friends however, are the lucky ones to have a friend like you... MJ

mawmellow said...

I certainly don't know if the "Bloss" loves you....but anyone that knows you...DEFINITELY loves you!  I'm jealous.....I need to move closer!  LOL
Call me...."iffen you and your gf's EVER need bail money" !!

astaryth said...

Awwww... I wanna go and have Japanese food and sing (strike that) LISTEN to Karaoke! <eg>

sdoscher458 said...

Sorry I haven't visited in a, now you make me want to cook something Japanese...hubby will be happy.  My older son has a good voice and goes all the time to the karoake places in NY...when I visited he took me there, unfortunately my voice came along too...rather listen to him....take care...Sandi

cste609371 said...