Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ode to the" fill in the blank" day

Today I decided to start something new in my journal giving thanks for the little things that are most likely overlooked in the busy ways of everday life......So I think I will pay homage to the little things I take for grant it and couldn't live mind you I'm only writing about the lil things.....the bigger things in life like family and love are a given.

Today it's all about the Cordless Phone......The only time I ever sing its praises is when for some reason the house looses power....if it wasn't for the plugged in version of the phone in the kitchen I certainely would be S.O.L as far as contacting the Electric Company in reporting an outage....I do have a cell phone.....but at home I rely on that one phone in the kitchen as a command center.

Now knowing that every baby monitor and other cordless phone withing a few blocks radius can pick up a private phone conversation on a cordless,  there have been many times that I needed the privacy of using the corded phone and even though the kitchen is built for a comfortable meal it is by no means as comfortable as my chair in my living room with my "window to the world" view and the comfort of even having a few long conversations in my bed. That is when you realize what in the world did I do before the cordless phone was invented??

I remember as a teenager when I wanted to be on the phone late at night without my parents knowledge that I had to take my Princess phone ( did you think I would have had any other type in my room?? lol) into my walk in closet, place a ton of blankets on the floor and block off any noise or light, to make myself invisable if someone was to glance up the stairs to my room! I think I lived in that closet from my 12th year to my 14th! It had a long line cord so my sister and I could share it back and forth across the hall to our bedrooms....that phone was also used to be a rocket launched weapon when there was a struggle over who would get the phone for the late night phone calls...can you sat "cat fight?".....but then again that's a whole other story! lol

With my cordless phones in my house now, I can talk comfortable fromany room in the house, walk down to the mail box, have coffee with the neighbors(their houses) and not miss any important phone calls if  I'm waiting for one. I just take that baby with me and with caller ID I can be selective on whether or not to answer it.

So this is my salute to the often overlooked and under appreciated...........CORDLESS PHONE!

HIP! HIP! HORRAY!!!!!!!!


mystafymeal4me said...

My favroit thing with a cordless phone is Before we moved my naibor and i would be talking and the next thing we know we are in the middle of the road when we relize we can hang up and talk face to was hilerouse ..We both wernt even comprhending that we were still on the phone .
Also when I couldnt get a phone yet she would let me bring hers to my house to make a call.
My pet pevee is I cant stand the batterie giong dead!

swibirun said...

Great entry!  Now if they could only invent a battery that will last more than a few months for those dag-blasted (ooo....such foul language) cordless phones.