Friday, March 4, 2005

Birch Tree in Photo and Prose


Oh how I love the birch tree......with its green leaves of summer and its fragile branches forever dropping on the whim of the wind. It lets in just enough of the flickering light of summer to dapple across the lush dew on the morning grass.  How elegant it looks still, with its peeling layers curled open, exposing itself, for all who cares to see. Nothing can compare to the brilliance of the "Sun Yellow" the leaves turn against its white washed trunk, with the approach of Fall, but it is always the trunk of the tree that appeals to me most, much like the heart of a woman, deep with many layers, waiting for someone to take notice and celebrate its inner beauty.




maidothemist said...

the birch is my favorite

rrveh1 said...

Lovely thoughts & antique quality about this photo....._rRose
Picked up your link on AOL Journals message board.