Monday, March 14, 2005

Grass is always greener

Funny how things are sometimes huh?

Its the single person who sometimes wonders what it would feel like to be married, while the ones who are married sometimes wonder what it would feel like to be single again.

It's the couple who's married and a lil overwhelmed with children who reminisce about the easier, less stressful days before the children came along. And it's the married couple who has yet to experience parenthood who look at couples with kids and thinks someday I hope to be that lucky to have a family of my own!

It's the person who thinks it would be great to be my own boss, that way at work there won't be anyone telling them how to do things and  then there is the person who owns the company who says, "Gee wouldn't it be nice to be able to pass along all the problems and just punch out on the time clock!"

Its the young couple in new love who looks at the couple that have been together for decades and decades and thinks they can only hope for a love that old and the older couple that glances at the young couple and sighs and says....."Young love, wasn't it grand!"

It's the Mother who's children who have grown and left the nest that looks at a the Mother with small children and secretely wishes hers were still that young and the Mother of the young children who is looking back at the other woman with a tinge of jealousy wondering how wonderful it must feel having that kind of freedom again! 

It's the person who feels trapped in an apartment who longs for a place of their own and then there is the home owner who wishes they had a landlord to take on all the burdens of owning the home.

It's the tall person who wishes they were just a lil shorter and the shorter person who wishes they were just a lil taller, it's the brunette who wonders what it's like to be a blonde and it's the blonde who would kill for a shade in brunette or red or even black. It's the blue eyed person who wishes they had big soft brown eyes and it's the brown eye person who wishes for the baby blues.

I think everybody at some point in their life has wished for something different, It's only natural to do so.........BUT you also have to be able to see what you DO have and find peace with that, But most of all be thankful for the things you have been blessed with.


felicia63 said...

great observations, and its all so true, i was just wishing the other day that i had small children again, i had my son when i was only 19 and could never have any more. i guess we always do want what we don't have.. but i am truly blessed with what i have and i know that.


courtenaymphelan said...


cathy0o0 said...

This is just so so

krobbie67 said...

So very true! :-) ---Robbie

cneinhorn said...

I LOVED this on Kimberleigh!  So true, so very true....and a good reminder to appreciate what we have today!