Friday, March 18, 2005

PBS, A pint of Ale and good company!

Thank God for PBS! Whenever I get bored with regular broadcasting channels I can always find a great show on the local PBS station.

While channel surfing last night I came across a program they were running called "Celtic Woman" It was a concert performance by four extremely talented Irish Women (all who looked a lil impish! LOL) who sang old and new Irish tunes along with a full orchestra! They were amazing! They sang in English and they sang in Gaelic which is the native tongue in Ireland and which once was banned for using for many years. There are 3 forms of Gaelic language......Irish, Scottish and Manx.

There is something about a voice that sounds like a musical instrument unto itself.......their notes were pure and soft, there was no need to go down deep and pull up a high and long note, they flowed effortlessly from their mouths. They had a young woman that looked like a beautiful fairy playing up some mean violin solo's and one of the four women who performed singing also played the harp beautifully!

I was so taken with their performances that I just might have to see them perform live with they come through Chicago in the fall......Yes it was THAT magical.....if you get a chance and it repeats itself on your local PBS station, try to take a peek and be ready for a trip back in time to the Island of the Green, if only in your mind! 

It was a nice quiet way to enjoy St. Patrick's Day without the hangover of my youth, which used to always follow the celebration of my Irish Heritage! Ü



judithheartsong said...

oh, wish I could have seen that....... it stirs age-old memories....... judi

astaryth said...

I love Celtic music. I have several CD's of it and often play it while I'm working on something. It's beautiful even when you don't understand a word they are saying <g>. I'll have to look for that program.