Tuesday, March 22, 2005

JOurnal Jar Question (late as usual lol)

From Promiseluv372 Journal Jar
Question 24 ~ Car trouble?

Tell about a frustrating experience you have had with a car.

On those perfect summer days when the weather is not to hot, not to cold and not a cloud in the sky, I love to go garage sale (ing)! That old saying about another mans trash is another man's treasures sure rings true to me! I have found some wonderful old things and then again I have seen some things that always makes me walk away scratching my head and thinking "what do you do with that?" or as far as personal choice in home decorating "What in the world were they thinking?" Yikessssss!!!!

As you some of you already know I live in what I prefer to call "Subdivision Hell" There aren't any old fashioned neighborhoods within miles of my place it's just new subdivision after subdivision.....with the only good points being that each new subdivision normally gets their own grade school so at least your kids go to school with their neighborhood friends and everybody pretty much knows everybody and everybody's business too! And last but not least the have these HUGE subdivision garage sales.....the whole subdivision joins in and the pickings are plenty.........you probably wondering how promise's Journal question fits into this entry.....but hey I'm getting there! lol

On a normal day I have so many things going through my head about what I still have to do, what is coming up in the next few say, plus still going over things I have already done, that I pretty much run on auto pilot. You know what I mean, you have done some thing's in your life so routinely that you no longer have to think about them, your just do them without thinking out each step. So, When I think I'm done for the day garage sale (ing), I make my way back to my Suburban (SUV) and I click on the remote door unlock, get in, put me key in the ignition and turn it over and ....nothing......not a click, not the whir of an engine trying to turn over.....nada.....nothing. I'm thinking, "GREAAAAAT!"

I try 3 or 4 more times and still nothing, I call my husband on the 2 way radio (nextel) and tell him what is going on or in actuality what is not going on and he says, "Did you shut the truck off on gear maybe?" I check just to make sure and nope didn't do that......hmmmm, its a brand new truck! I had it only for about 1 month and this is the first time that it acted up....hmmmm..... Husband says to call a tow truck...now I have been sitting in the Suburban about 5 minutes while all this is going on in front of the garage sale that I was just at and  a man (Homeowner) is watching me the whole time rather intently.....so I call the dealership up to request a tow and tell him about the trouble I'm having when he asks where to send the tow truck, Ok I have no idea where I am so I get out of the truck to go ask the homeowner the address I'm at and that's when it finally hit me.......I wasn't in my Suburban........I was in HIS!!! lmaoooooo

Imagine my embarrassment, and too make things worse he starts laughing at me! loudly!(well i guess it's better than calling the police on me huh?) lol he then says to me, "It's a nice Suburban and all, but yours in much newer and I'd be glad to trade with you" Now not only do I want to die a thousand deaths in front of this man I have to tell the dealership never mind with as little as possible as to the reason why, then I had to call my Husband back and tell him.....never mind! blonde moment! The trucks were the same make (GMC) and the same color just 3 years difference in age........can you say, "DUH?" lol

To participate in Promise's journal jar question here is a link to her journal..it's a great way of deciding on a topic on those days where you just can pull an idea of your own out, but you feel the need to write!



rhoadmpr said...

That was so funny, I laughed. I have many blonde moments and have black hair!

madmanadhd said...

My wife should have the words "I brake for garage sales" put on a neon sign prominently displayed in the back window of our car. She is a skilled bargain hunter and loves the challenge.

Just last week I had one of those, "this aint my car moments." I had come out of school, headed to the parking lot, found my car and thinking about 10 zillion other things got in. However, I noticed two weird things, an opened carton of diet soda on the passenger seat, NOT an item in our household, and the distinct odor of cigarette smoke. "Now who in the hell has taken up smoking in our family?" I wondered. It was at this point that I noticed someone staring at me through the drivers side window, scared the CRAP outa me! Sheesh. Yeah not blond here so musta been a senior moment hu? I SWEAR it looked just like my rusted out cavalier. Lucky I'm not in jail, or shot dead.